Machynlleth (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

garsiwn well garsiwn well The old Garsiwn Well, where it's recorded that the Earl of Richmond's troops drank on 11 Aug 1485, before marching on to the Battle of Bosworth Field. For a location of such antiquity, it's a pity that it's now ignored and confined behind ugly bars.

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Adjacent to the town is a field named the "Garshion," at the extremity of which is a copious spring, whence the inhabitants of Machynlleth are supplied with water. From: 'Machynlleth - Mancott', A Topographical Dictionary of Wales (1849), pp. 179-86. URL: Date accessed: 20 August 2006.
 pistyll gwyn   Pistyll Gwyn, on the southern face of Penrallt, which traditionally had a reputation as a medicinal well, in that it helped cure sprains. I'm guessing that it might also have been important to the tanning industry which was carried out at Tanws (Tan House), a hundred feet or so below. It was specifically mentioned in a 1769 Act of Parliament in the context of the shutting of "a way or lane leading under Pen-yr-Allt Hill by Pistyll Gwun into the road leading from Machynlleth to Dolguog".

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"Pistyll Gwyn. On Penrallt Common, Machynlleth: it cured sprains". Bygones, 15 Nov 1911.
wishing well wishing well Part way along Garth Lane (or, as the authorites insist, Garth Road) there's this cut-out depression in a rock that's usually water-filled, assisted by a channel that looks as if it's been cut into the rock specifically to catch water draining off the bank. An earlier generation knew this as the "wishing well". I recall a lady 45 years ago who must have been born in the early 1900s using it to make wishes, and in 2003 I had a letter from someone else in her 80s who wrote "I never passed along Garth Lane without dipping my fingers in the well and wishing". How old was this tradition, and has it now faded away?

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graig fach   This one in Graig Fach still works and is clearly in occasional use. Carries the word T. Kennedy Patentee Kilmarnock.

Locn: 52.591697,-3.851156.
tap   A very well-hidden and well-rusted tap, in an alley off Poplar Square, with the words "Kennedy Patentee" + some indistinct letters that might just be "Lion". A very similar model is listed as "Kennedy's Patent Self-closing Wall Fountain" at

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tap   Site of tap (now missing) on Tanrallt, below Penrallt, opposite Graig Fach.

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no pic yet   Just found an old photograph of two long-gone Machynlleth characters posing in front of a magnificent pump in Graig Fach. The pump also is long-gone, but I'll try to get permission to include the pic here.
no pic yet   "In 1874 Ioan Glan Crewi wrote an englyn to Ffynnon y Llynlloedd, Machynlleth." The Holy Wells of Wales, Francis Jones.

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 plas fountain   Ornamental fountain in the Plas Rose Garden.

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