Forge (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

forgepump There's something not quite right about this very smart pump by the side of the road at Forge. It's a Lee, Howl & Co Colonial Lift Pump, complete with their flag trademark and proud "All British Made" announcement just below it. But a hosepipe has been run up through the barrel and out of the spout, through which water runs continuously. The pump has lugs at the back that suggests that originally it would have been mounted on a wall or post, and I have to assume that it has been salvaged from elsewhere and recycled so as to form a water feature.

Grid Ref: SN 764999.
forgewell Right next to it is this "well". It has water in it, and comes complete with a windlass and a tiled roof, but is just too good to be true. I've just got to believe that it's just another water feature!