Darowen (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).


A holy well, Ffynnon Dudur (or, as I've also seen it written, Ffynnon Dadur), is stated as being "outside St Tudur's churchyard", and it wasn't difficult finding on the map a Cae'r Ffynnon on the edge of the village. That was the easy bit. An old iron kissing gate was a promising start, and this led into a field full of sheep (designated a public footpath on the map, but not signposted as such on the ground) and eventually I found the well - having walked straight past it the first time - tucked away down in a dip in an overgrown corner. It's completely hidden from view by a large pile of wood, and well-guarded by nettles. The front of it is covered by a slate, the side by some corrugated iron sheet, and the top has a large coil of rusty wire dumped on top of it. Not quite as atmospheric as I'd hoped. I didn't think it right to heave these things to one side, despite being curious as to what lay behind, but will see if I can get permission to investigate one day.

Grid Ref: SH 831017.

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