Sarn Cynfelyn
sarncynfelyn Difficult to make out, I know, but this section of an old chart shows the coastline just below Borth, stretching down to Clarach, with Sarn Cynfelyn extending out from Gwallog as a fuzzy line to the bottom of the picture. It is annotated "Dry at Low Water" and carries the legend "Sarn Cynfelyn extending to Sea about Seven Miles at the End of Which is that patch of foul ground called Caerwyddno which comes Dry on Spr Tides. See My General Chart."

(Caerwyddno means Gwyddno's castle or city, and Gwyddno refers to Gwyddno Garanhir (Longshanks), who was King of Ceredigion (b. circa 490 AD) at the time of the legendary inundation of Cantre'r Gwaelod.)