Pen yr Allt (Penrallt)(click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

Owain Glyndwr Centre2 A view from the Plas Gates, looking towards the Owain Glyndwr Centre and Penrallt. This little hill dominates Machynlleth, and for generations has been a playground for the local kids. Gradually, though, it's changing and is now far more densely wooded than it ever was 30 years ago. Why, I wonder? Did they stop grazing sheep on its slopes? There's a painting of Machynlleth by Francis Towne, dated 1777, in the Fitzwilliam, Cambridge, and the then tiny village is completely overwhelmed by an enormous Penrallt. The Fitzwilliam photographed the painting for me, but I can't include it here as it's strictly copyright. (Word of warning: if you plan to visit the Fitzwilliam to see the painting for yourself, let them know beforehand, as it is not normally on display.)
Pen yr Allt A view of Machynlleth from the top of Penrallt, looking SW. Llynlloedd woods are in the background to the left of the picture, and the small bald hill just to the right of centre is the Wylfa.
Pen yr Allt Pond Looking E from the top of Penrallt, towards Ysgubor Wen farmhouse and Fron-y-Gog woods. The pond is now largely silted up, and it's difficult to imagine that the light green hummocky area in front of it used to serve as a makeshift football pitch for Machynlleth Junior School (in an earlier, non-hummocky age).
Pen yr Allt This is taken from the bottom right hand corner of the above photo, looking SW.
machfrom pen Machynlleth, looking S from Penrallt. Centre left is the back of the Owain Glyndwr Centre, with its lawn, and in front of that is the old Junior School (red brick building). The Plas is the light coloured building, top right, with the long rooftops of the Bro Ddyfi Leisure Centre to its left.
Dyfi Valley The broad valley of the river Dyfi, taken from the back of Pen yr Allt, also looking SW.

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