Owain Glyndwr Centre (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

Owain Glyndwr Centre1 The Owain Glyndwr Centre. This black and white timber-framed building was built in the early 1900s, but the building to the left is far older. Does the Billiard Hall still exist at the back? The scene of much wasted time at an impressionable age, I'm afraid. Owain Glyndwr is, of course, Machynlleth's most famous link with history, and there are some excellent Web Sites devoted to his life and times. (See my listings.) The Centre now houses a gift shop, and there's a handy exhibition for rainy days as well, with brass rubbing to keep you occupied.
toll table toll table Upstairs, inside the building, there are two old slate tablets, inscribed with the tolls that were payable in days gone by. The tablets are difficult to photograph and also to decipher, but here's what's written upon them.
Owain Glyndwr Centre2 View of the back of the older section of the Owain Glyndwr Centre. There used to be evidence of wattle and daub walls inside, and recent dendrochronology has dated the timbers to 1470 - irritatingly just too late for them to have been in situ at the time of Owain Glyndwr's 1404 Parliament. (See: http://www.cpat.org.uk/projects/longer/machyn/machyn.htm.) Up the steps on the right is Machynlleth's original meeting place for the local Scouts, but they moved on from here way back in the 1960s. (Still says "Scouts" on the door, though.)

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