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22 Feb 1896

Letter from Lizzie Ann to her husband-to-be, David Hughes; his birthday tomorrow; poor David Davies died; very good burial services held in the Graig chapel this week; preacher was Mr Owen Glandur.

18 Jun 1896 Lizzie Ann comfortable and likes the people she lives with; can only make one service on Sunday because of her work as a servant; open air Temperance meetings to start; Lizzie Ann's mother misses her very much.
28 Jun 1896? Maurice well but very tired after a very hard and grand week. Saw the Prince and Princess of Wales and the town full of people and very fine weather. Lucky there was no one hurt.
19 Jul 1896 Frances enjoying herself in Aberystwyth; Miss Lewis arrived home on Saturday; Rev Owen of Welshpool preaching today; E.L.Evans enquires much after Lizzie Ann.
5 Aug 1896 Lizzie Ann's mistress ill; goodbye to Mrs. Williams the Post.
9 Aug 1896 Death of mistress; Mrs. Foulkes Jones not at home; 67 in school.
29 Nov 1896 Mamma's rheumatism better; Mr. Spurgeon's sermon; Sarah Morris came home; Mr. I.E.Morris's sermon; Sankey's hymns; very cold tonight.
30 Dec 1896 Letter from Mrs Williams, Aberystwyth; pleased to hear from Mrs Foulkes-Jones that Lizzie Ann has met with another good situation; she likes Aberystwyth very much and is very happy there, settled in a new small house.
10 Jan 1897 Prayer meetings; Johnny playing harmonium; Minister from Bala named Williams; worries over Maggie Owen's health; very grand wedding last month.
6 Feb 1897 Changing scenes of life; Bible her best friend; poor Mrs. Green seen her on Hampstead Heath; very large funeral on Friday; strange young man preaching; Johnny conducting the singing; moving to new house?; Mamma better from her rheumatism; great deal of sickness and many people dying; aprons to be sent shortly.
7 Mar 1897 Mrs. Foulkes Jones coming to see Lizzie Ann; preacher was R. Owen of Welshpool; Mrs. Williams, Bank, now in London.
16 Mar 1897 Maggie Caffrey ill; encouragement over Christian beliefs; Mrs. Williams settling in at Croesawdy, Aberystwyth.
11 Apr 1897 Mamma better, Frances and Johnny quite well; Sarah Morris not very well; new minister keen to see Lizzie; Mr. E.L.Evans is Superintendent; 72 in school today.
11 Jul 1897 Visited Mrs. Jones, Post Office, in Aberystwyth; Nellie Foulkes Jones returned home; Mr. D. Jones, Cardiff, is preacher - been to Palestine - lost his voice; Cook has been through some trouble.
25 Jul 1897

Letter from Johnny thanking Lizzie Ann for his birthday present; the Miss Lewis's look quite well; rather strong weather here now; Mamma has not been so well.

10 Aug 1897 Friend's brother killed on the railway; excitement over the Queen's Jubilee.
24 Oct 1897 Lizzie Ann coming home; tea party this week; musing upon the shortness of life. Sarah Morris better; Evans Garshun [Garsiwn?]died.
7 Apr 1898 Mamma not very well; Easter and thoughts of crucifixion; Sarah Morris's health better but very delicate; Edmunds family leaving the Wynnstay for Evesham; Newcombe Jones the Bank and Connie Edmunds married and living in London; Miss Nellie Foulkes-Jones to be married soon; Miss Evans, sister of Willie Evans the Post, getting married next week;
8 May 1898 Little Edith keeping Frances company at night; Johnny very faithful in Maurice's wife's absence; Miss Pritchard, Wynnstay House, died; new people at Wynnstay now.
31 May 1898 Text last Sunday; £304 made at bazaar; raffle prizes.
26 Jun 1898 Lizzie Wood gives birth to a son; Mr Williams, Minister, presented with £12; Sunday School going to Towyn; Lizzie Jones Poplar Row died; Miss Marpole in London; Pentlyn Jones, Aberystwyth, preaching.
10 Jul 1898 Mamma a little better; John at Pennal all week; Mamma drinking Builth Wells water; Miss Nellie's wedding; preacher is Mr. J.H.Davies of Welshpool.
1 Oct 1898 Mamma's rheumatics; Frances very good and Johnny a little better; preacher is Mr. W.S.Jones; E.L.Evans wishes to be remembered.
23 Oct 1898 Mamma arrived home safely from her visit to Lizzie Ann; copious cups of tea en route overnight; Frances playing a leading role on Tuesday night; Lizzie Wood's baby buried.
20 Nov 1898 Frances been very poorly & Mamma not very well; Mrs. Foulkes Jones had bad accident - knocked down by Penrhyn-Dovey Trap; saved by Joseph Tanybryn; Jane Roberts died very sudden, as did young Mr. O.G.Owen, Mathafarn.
Undated, 1898 Present from Lizzie to Nellie Foulkes Jones; Nellie's wedding day soon; planned honeymoon in Switzerland.
Dec 1898 "Mamma amongst the middlins" in health; Mr. Thomas of Aberdovey is the preacher; Mrs.Vaughan Owen dead and buried; plans for Christmas.
31 Mar 1899 Frances wins prize at Town Hall; Mamma sending supplies to Lizzie.
7 May 1899 Johnny helping with the singing in the chapel; Mr. Evans shot dead whilst cleaning his gun.
4 Sep 1899

Mamma to Port Robert in the morning; very glad that Lizzie Ann went to see Mary Lewis; Puleston Jones was preaching - very good; in the evening a Mr Thomas of Acrefair R……[?] was the preacher.

11 Nov 1899 Frances has neuralgia; Mamma arrived home safely; Mr. Parry of Newtown preaching; Frances very successful at Wesleyan Eisteddfod; Rev. R. Owen of Pennal buried in Machynlleth cemetery after a stroke.
19 Nov 1899 Glad Lizzie Ann's baby is better; glad Johnny is practicing on the organ; very quiet Sunday; Mr. Morris of Dolgelly, preacher; Mamma had rheumatism and cramp.
17 Dec 1899

Very cold here today. Glad to hear the baby is better, hopes Lizzie Ann is pretty well. Mrs Kitty Williams died very sudden and also Mrs Gott.

24 Dec 1899

Maurice's wife staying with Lizzie Ann; very wet and gloomy Christmas Eve; many people ill with bad colds and influenza; poor Mr Davies the Foundry taken very sudden.

31 Dec 1899 Many ill with influenza; Mrs. Smith and Betty Griffiths dead; Rev. W.S.Jones preacher today.
11 Feb 1900 Recovering from illness; slippery on streets; snow.
4 Mar 1900 Frances in concert at Pantperthog; Mr. Vaughan Owen fetching remains of his son from London; funeral procession in street.
25 Jun 1900

Very wet Sunday; Mr Green (Aberystwyth) preaching; poor Billy Vaughan died this morning; make sure that Frances catches her Euston train; would be glad to see Johnny; hope David getting on well in Birmingham.

15 Jul 1900 Hopes Johnny can help in Holloway Chapel; having to leave London; preacher is Mr. Davies, Berriew: has Mr Thomas the Workhouse been to see Lizzie Ann?; he was quite taken by Frances's singing.
28 Jul 1900

Had a great storm of thunder and lightening. Frances very successful at Bow Street Eisteddfod, winning a solo and a duet with Humphrey, beating Mary Lumley. Earned 17/- and much praise by Emlyn Evans. Mother forgot Johnny's birthday. Mr. Williams is preacher.

19 Aug 1900 Frances training in Aberystwyth, and Wilfred Jones very surprised at her voice; costing money which he hopes to get back; D.Jones, Cardiff, is the preacher;
23 Sep 1900 Mamma's rheumatism; Frances been to Liverpool with Graig choir - unsuccessful; entertained by Tommy Jones; Frances singing at Town Hall for Lady Londonderry; Johnny not written yet.
8 Oct 1900

Hopes baby is well; Johnny sent a very nice sleeve waistcoat; Frances received much praise for singing in a Town Hall concert; hopes that Lizzie Ann sees some Machynlleth people in Birmingham.

11 Nov 1900 Can John Morris walk yet?; Marchioness supporting Frances through lessons by Tom Powell of Derwenlas; Mrs. Catherine Jones, Shop Corner, dead and buried; Rev Owen, Welshpool is preacher; Johnny doesn't write very often.
7 Mar 1901

Frances away at Aberystwyth; JM getting on nicely and Mamma pretty well.

10 Mar 1901

JM ran across kitchen; Frances tired today after singing at Borth and Aberystwyth last week; meeting in the College on Friday lasted from 6.30 till after 1o'clock in the morning; not heard anything from Johnny.

17 Mar 1901 Glad Lizzie Ann's better; John Maurice getting on well; Mrs. Foulkes Jones worried about Lizzie Ann's health; Mr. D. Jones gone very thin; Miss Jones Tower House visits; new preacher is Mr. Williams of Pennal; christening; presentation of clock and biscuit tin to Mr. Phillip Jones and Mrs. Jones.
24 Mar 1901 Frances won a competition at Pennal; preacher is Mr. Ernest Jones of Barmouth; 101 in school for first time; Mrs. Ed Rees died.
14 Apr 1901

Mamma better today; preacher was Mr Green (Aberystwyth); J.M. to go to Sunday school; seen the account of Mr Ryle[?] Davies death in every paper.

5 May 1901 David Jones Aberllefenni looks as well as ever; Mr. Marpole taken away very quick; Mr. Williams is preacher today; new hymn books.
xx Jun 1901

Feeling rather lonely without JM. Hope that Frances is much better in Birmingham. Very hot weather. Preacher is Mr Morgan (Bow Street): very long text and had hard work to keep from sleeping. Sunday School was rather small. Grand opening of the new schoolroom to take place sometime in this month. Kate Hughes has not returned Frances’s songs yet.

16 Jun 1901

JM quite well; Rich. Hunt as been here on Saturday; Rich Morris's funeral was on Friday - very large; letter from Mary Hughes; preacher was Rev. Jones of Aberdovey; only 79 at school; very large Preaching Association with the Independants this week so plenty of people in town; best love to David Hughes.

30 Jun 1901

Received Lizzie Ann's postcard; thinking about dear little JM; Martha - Corris - wanted to be remembered to Frances; the concert that Frances sang at in Upper Corris was to the benefit of her father; preacher today was R Owen - Welshpool; the opening of the schoolroom is deferred until August.

21 Jul 1901

Weather very hot, but cooler today; Mr Davies Berriew is the preacher; Mamma going to Chapel tonight; Frances nursing for Lizzie Ann.

1 Sep 1901

Mention of Maglona; Mr Williams is the preacher. Mamma is coming to Chapel tonight; letters from Johnny are very slow coming; the son of Com. Evans Bwlchcroesfaen was in the choir in Holloway Sunday nights.

8 Sep 1901

Preacher today is Mr Parry - Newtown. Congregation not very large - holidays.

15 Sep 1901 Mr. Williams is preacher and Mamma coming to sacrament tonight; Mrs. Davies, Llandinam, coming to open new schoolroom - organ recital and concert - Frances and best singers in town going along; David had been to General Booth's meeting.
23 Sep 1901 Grand teaparty Thursday last; Frances singing at concert before some great gentry; young David Morgan taken ill and died.
6 Oct 1901

Mamma arrived safe; very stormy today; Mr Williams had neuralgia; Frances getting on alright; letter from Anne (Pwllhelli); expecting Lizzie Ann on the 4.48 train on Tuesday.

20 Oct 1901

Mamma in Chapel and Frances at home; preacher was Mr Penllyn Jones (Aberystwyth).

27 Oct 1901 Frances a good deal better; Rev Wynn Thomas, Aberystwyth, was preacher; Frances singing at Vane Hall in front of Marchioness, and to a concert in Llanwrin; presentation to Dr Williams by the Ambulance Class; £47 made at Sale of Work at Vane Hall in aid of Barnados Homes.
3 Nov 1901

Hopes that Maglona's cold is better; very fine day and preacher is Mr Williams; Maurice starting to make a note of sermons so that he can look at them again; complains of poor memory.

18 Nov 1901

Preacher was Mr John Griffiths Jones and later Dr Griffiths of Khasia [Khasi] Hills; very hard frost Friday and Saturday night; Mr Lloyd Jones and D.T. Jones of Rhyl were the two greatest preachers. Poor old Wm. Evans - Llanbrynmair also preached.

6 Jan 1902 Young Mr Turner been here now for a fortnight, lodging with Mrs Evans, Doll. Very nice young man with much to say about South Africa. Going back to Oswestry on Tuesday. Preacher today is a student, very nice. School was 89 in number.
19 Jan 1902 Rev. Elias Jones, Newtown, is preacher; 92 in school; one of the little Vaughan boys burnt to death; Frances singing in the Hall; Mr. Turner home from South Africa.
2 Mar 1902 Francis in bed with bad throat and headache; preacher was Mr Williams; James Rees and David Morgan wished to be remembered; Nain down at Machynlleth; Frances competing at Llandiloes last Wednesday.
9 Mar 1902 Frances better - able to sing and play piano a little; very good preacher - Rev. Wynn Thomas of Aberystwyth; Mr David Jones, Aberllefeny, rather ill; John Lewis, Dolguog Farm, died on Friday morning. School numbered 89. Vaughan Owen has been ill for some time; going to have a soiree soon.
23 Mar 1902 Nain from Corris is very poorly at Mrs Hughes - does not rise now; preacher today is R Owen (Welshpool); school numbered 98.
6 Apr 1902 Glad to see the photos of J.M. with his broken umbrella. Preacher is Mr Williams (Pastor). Rev. J Hughes (Liverpool) is in Maengwyn Chapel today. Three funerals passing through the street yesterday, one them Mrs Jane Hughes the Gruthyn. Maurice feels a very great need of drawing near to God in prayer. Frances going to Newtown to sing in a concert for Miss Clarke. Sending a Cambrian News to see all the things that have taken place at Easter.
13 Apr 1902

Soiree on Thursday night; Frances’s collection, rather a grand affair. Minister had a very great shock in that Evan Evans (Dylife) had died on his way to Carmel, where they were both to preach the last Sunday. Funeral was on Wednesday at Llanbrynmair, the largest ever seen there. Mr Turner has come to see for us today, he is returning by mail. Disappointed that there was no preacher today. Mr Meyler is going to address the meeting tonight. 88 in school. Glad to have the photos of the dear little children - John Maurice is taken to natural, David is quite an artist. Hope that she is able to enjoy this Sabbath like St John in the role of Patmus.

4 May 1902
Mamma is much better; Mary Williams wanted to be remembered; W.S. Jones was the preacher; school number was 97. Can send David a Goleuad [Calvanist weekly newspaper] referring to the 3 day Cumdeisthsfa [Cymdeithasfa? = Assembly?] held in Corris; Looking forward to Johnny visiting soon.
25 May 1902

Feeling a little flat after Johnny returned on Friday by 2.10 train. Enjoyed his company very much and everyone in the town seemed so glad to see him. He looked very respectable, and his conversation was a pleasure. Poor little Lona's teeth troubling her. Preacher today was Mr. Mills of Cardiff, and school numbered 100. Mr Meyler is the Superintendent and the English Chapel is increasing. On Wednesday night one of the missionaries from Khasia Hills is giving an address, and on Sunday night there is a concert in aid of the Railway Men’s Benevolent Society in which Frances is taking part. Mary Lumley there too.

1 Jun 1902 Glad that Lizzie Ann is visiting them soon; 99 at school today; Mr Williams the preacher; programme for last Friday's Railway Concert - very large; anthem tonight in the service, with two solos for Frances. Enjoying the heat and calm.
8 Jun 1902 Glad to hear that JM was babbling; Frances at a singing festival at Welshpool and then on to Leighton; preacher today is Mr Hobley (Carnarvon); Sunday school was 89; fine and pleasant day.
15 Jun 1902

Frances has not returned yet, must be having a good time of it in Welshpool. School numbered 90 today, and Preacher is Mr Williams. Raining.

22 Jun 1902

Rain. Preacher is Mr Davies Berriew. Only 62 at school. Looking forward to great rejoicing, Coronation Tea and a great procession, Plas Grounds and hotel banquet.

29 Jun 1902 Mr. Miles preaching on the topic of candles; poaching at Fir Tree Pool and the drowning of David Francis.
6 Jul 1902 Preacher is Mr Rev. R. Owen (Welshpool) and School was 79 in number. Many cyclists here at the moment, mainly from Birmingham. Mr Rowlands is our questioner in the school.
13 Jul 1902 Mr Williams is preacher; school numbered 80; strange gentleman in school from London.
20 Jul 1902

Glad to have had a letter from Lizzie Ann, and hoping to see the children soon. very good preacher today, a young man, a Mr Evans. School was 96 in number. Frances is getting on very well with her singing class, and it will prove a great help to learn the little children to sing our beautiful Hymns from Sankeys Book. Looking forward to Lizzie Ann's coming home. Had a letter from Johnny.

27 Jul 1902 Looking forward to seeing them in a week's time; Mr. Morgan, Bow Street, is preacher; 89 at school; Frances preparing for Christian Endeavour concert; Eisteddfod at Bow Street; "horrible affair" reported in Birmingham Post.
7 Sep 1902 Very fine day. Preacher did not come but Mr Sylvanias Jones stood in. School was 76. No Preacher tonight, instead reading scripture and prayer and service of song. The oldest daughter of Ed. Francis died "very sudden" on Wednesday about 12 o’clock in Mrs Thomas’s shop up street. Forgot to say goodbye to David - in such a splutter with the children.
21 Sep 1902 Not received a letter from Lizzie Ann. Preacher is a young man from South Wales, exceptionally good. Our Sunday school was 75. Hoping that this Sabbath day has been spent by them in reading and meditation. Wishes to be remembered to Miss Hughes.
28 Sep 1902 Hope that Frances is in her merry mode with the children and doing her best to help Lizzie Ann. A good congregation this morning but poor singing. Mrs Jones had to leave the organ, she could not manage it. (Frances knows the cause.) 82 at school. Having the Harmonium into the Chapel tonight. Singing meeting was carried on by Mr Rowlands and Miss Rowlands. David Arter is kindly remembering to you all.
5 Oct 1902 Hopes that Lizzie Ann is much better. School was 79. Mr Philip Jones is doing Frances's work at a quarter past one with Miss Rowlands. Mr John Griffith Jones was the Preacher. David Arter was at home, remembering to you very much. Harvest Thanksgiving tomorrow at 2.30 and 7.30 in the new schoolroom. mention made of Lona’s Motto Book, and JM with his hands in his pocket, so manly.
2 Nov 1902 Frances has arrived back and her friends coming to see her; thanks for the cakes Lizzie Ann sent; school numbered 86; preacher Mr Williams (Pastor); hopes that little Lona's heel is getting better.
9 Nov 1902 Very rough weather of late. Is Lona’s heel better? School was 78 in number, Preacher a student from Aberystwyth. Very busy day questioning the children and Intermediates, and adults sermon at night.
16 Nov 1902

Mamma complaining of rheumatics, Frances's cold is better. Johnny might come home from London as things are slack. An address by Mrs Jones Bryngoronwy, Llanwrin, about the establishing of Sunday Schools a hundred years ago. Sang all Sankey's Hymns all day.

23 Nov 1902

Very happy day in Chapel; preacher is R. Owen (Welshpool); Miss Reen (servant with Mrs Jones - Cambrian House) gave reading at the Evening Service; 75 at school; Frances successful in Pennal for 15/s prize, singing 'The Holy City'.

30 Nov 1902

Mamma has a little rheumatics. Is J M’s cold better? Mr Parry (Newtown) is our Preacher, and school number was 81. Maurice openned the School.

8 Dec 1902 Very severe weather but not so windy, 85 at school; Mr Williams the preacher.
21 Dec 1902

Very good preacher, Rev. Ernest Jones of Barmouth. 89 at school. Next Sunday there will be an address by George Owen on Roman Catholicism. Christmas wishes.

3 Jan 1903 John didn't stay but went to see Mamma & Lona. Frances went to Dolgelly and did alright. Preacher today Mr Idris Jones the son of Josiah Jones, who has been in America for many years. 86 at school today, and Maurice enjoyed trying to teach some women. Eisteddfod on New Year’s Day but Frances did not try anything as she had been out the night before.
9 Jan 1903 Many mighty men have fallen during the last year in the religious world. Dr Newman Hall, Dr Davidson, Professor Douglas Hugh Price Hughes, Dr Parker, Pollington Church of England – Dr Stephenson, Primate Dr Temple, Wm. Chillie and John Kensit.
11 Jan 1903 Preacher is a Mr Davies of Bettws and school numbered 77. Mr Vaughan Owen does not mend very fast and poor Maggie is not much comfort to him, suffering from some strange delusions.
18 Jan 1903 Very hard weather, with heavy snow. 82 at school and preacher a young man from Aberystwyth College. Mr V Owen much better today.
25 Jan 1903 Hopes that Lizzie Ann is much better. Frances in better health now than for a long time, and Mr Shah came in to keep her company. Very stormy day. Grief re George Owen, prayers with Mr Rowlands, Ed. Edwards. 73 at Sunday school, Maurice teaching Mr V. Owen’s class. Preacher was Mr. Owen (Cwm Rhaiadr).
1 Feb 1903 Glad to see that Lizzie Ann is getting better. Frances wrote to Johnny but no letter back. Mr Williams was the preacher, and school 77. Maurice teaching a class of young girls but preferred last Sunday's class. Vaughan Owen does not get much better. Lilly is at home today. Glad that the eggs arrived safe.
8 Feb 1903 Maggie is here with Frances and very happy. Preacher is Mr Stone from Aberystwyth. Mr David Owen of London is at home today, saw Johnny in Baker Street. School was 84 today. Maurice enjoyed being in Vaughan Owen’s class.
15 Feb 1903 Mamma keeping up very well after coming back. Very good preacher – Rev. Wynne Thomas (Aberystwyth), and 94 in school. Poor Vaughan not so well today.
22 Feb 1903 Frances suffering very much from neuralgia. Doubtful whether poor V. Owen will ever appear in the English Chapel again, which will be a great loss. A very good and quaint preacher today - a Stephen George of Llandrindod. 86 in school.
1 Mar 1903 Very rough weather last week. Mamma coming to Chapel tonight and Frances has got alright again. Little change for the better in Mr V Owen. Mr Williams is the preacher and school numbered 81.
8 Mar 1903 A very fine day. John Davies (Berriew) is the preacher and 96 in school. Listened in rapture to the sermon. Poor Mr V Owen not much better and compelled to lie on his back, not moving.
15 Mar 1903 Preacher is Rev. R Edwards (Cemmaes) and 87 in school. Poor Mr V Owen does not get much better. Sorry to see in the Goleuad last week that there is a row in Holloway Chapel between the Officers, and a deputation from the London Monthly Meeting going to try to make peace. Cruel men.
22 Mar 1903 Preacher today is Rev. R. Owen of Welshpool and 87 in school. Mrs Foulkes Jones is at home ill in bed. Mr V Owen is a little better. Has Lizzie Ann seen Willie Edwards the Saddlers son who lives in Birmingham somewhere?
29 Mar 1903 Frances busy with her singing for Easter time between solos and parties. Sorry he forgot to post last week's letter. Preacher was a Mr Howells of Pencoed, South Wales, a bright star, and 90 in school. Mrs Edwards (Miss Nellie Foulkes Jones) enquired after Lizzie Ann.
5 Apr 1903 Mamma’s back is not so well today, but Frances very well and very busy. Play next Tuesday, ‘Dick Whittington’, very grand, conducted by Mr Meyler. 99 at school today, with Preacher Rev. E Williams the Pastor. Rich. Jones (Bookseller) has been elected Superintendent, and David Owen (Ivy House), Secretary. Poor V. Owen no better - confined to bed.
12 Apr 1903 Mamma's back a little better. very stormy, hailstones and snow. Frances very successful on Good Friday with every party and solo that she sang. No preacher today and many away. Poor Catherine Morgan buried last week, and David V Owen at Home today - does not get much better. Our School no. 83.
19 Apr 1903 Hopes John Maurice's nose is alright by now - must not be so fast. Frances has a cold and Mamma is trying to get ready to go to Maengwyn Chapel tonight. Rev. Griffith Ellis is the preacher. Poor Willie Edwards being buried tomorrow in Conway. Association here last week for three days. English service on Wednesday night in our Chapel, Dr E[…?] Jones - Cardiff - our preacher. On Thursday night Rev. Griffith Ellis in English, on Friday Welsh preaching all day in Maengwyn and Wesleyan chapel. There were some thousands of people in town.
26 Apr 1903 Mamma’s cold is better. Sorry that your parcel came so broken, and have spoken to the Post Office officials about it. Went to Mrs Edwards (Saddlers) on the day of the funeral, to try to console her. Mr John Griffith Jones is our preacher, and 100 at Sunday School. Rich. Jones (Bookseller) is our Superintendent now and David Owen (Ivy House) Secretary. Poor Mr Rich. Ellis (Grocer) is dead, buried tomorrow.
3 May 1903 Mamma is a little better. Preacher is Mr Williams and 92 at school. Dear Vaughan does not get much better. Said a word of comfort to Mrs Edwards and Lizzie on the day that poor Willie Edwards was buried.
17 May 1903 Great Fair yesterday and very. The second daughter of J R Morgan the Draper died, burying on Monday. 84 in school. English Chapels Singing Festival a week next Thursday in our Chapel, and the Welsh festival is the same day in Maengwyn - town will be filled with singers. Frances successful with a quartet in the Town Hall last night.
24 May 1903 Mamma getting ready to come to chapel; Rev J. Evans of Llanidloes; English and Welsh Singing Festivals in Machynlleth; 87 at school; Vaughan Owen able to come down to the kitchen a little each day; little boy of Johnny Hemming passed away.
31 May 1903 Very hot and Mamma not going to chapel; preacher was Rev. R.J. Rees (Tabernacl) Aberystwyth; singing festival last Thursday - conductor Mr. Gittins; Maengwyn had theirs at the same time; Frances going to Commins Coch eisteddfod; Vaughan Owen much better.
7 Jun 1903 Very hot day. Mr Williams the preacher, and 91 in school. Sale of Work next Thursday. Frances was successful at Commins Coch last Monday. Mr Williams will be leaving in July, so will need a new Minister.
14 Jun 1903 Preacher today is Rev. E.L. Hughes, the Minister of the English Chapel, Portmadoc. 92 in school. Sale of Work turned out very successful indeed, realizing £70. "Some old gentleman Lewis" was to open it but sent a £5 note instead. W.S. Jones opened the Sale and spent well. Very cold today.
21 Jun 1903 A very fine day. R. Owen (Welshpool) was the preacher and 73 in school. Poor Ed. Hunt buried yesterday - went to see him on Tuesday and prayed in his ear.
5 Jul 1903 Weather sultry; preacher was W.S.Jones; Gitto, son of Griffith Griffiths buried; Joe the Rock died.
19 Jul 1903 Expecting Lizzie Anne in a fortnight. Preacher was Rev. R. Edwards (Cemmaes). Great preparation in the town because all the non-conformist Sunday schools are going to Pwllheli tomorrow. 96 in School today. Mrs Foulkes is at home. Vaughan Owen does not mend very fast, and poor Lewis Watkin buried last week.
26 Jul 1903 Frances has had a very bad attack of neuralgia but better now. Today is Johnny’s birthday. The great excursion to Pwllheli passed off without any misfortune - so many little children - over 600 souls. Joseph Owen of Shrewsbury is the preacher, and 95 in school. Poor Vaughan able to go to Tommy in Shrewsbury. Morris Hughes looks very well.
9 Sep 1903 Hopes Frances's pain is better; enormous flood carried corn and hay away; water 5ft deep in Dolgelly and carried part of bridge away; John Pugh died; Matilda Jones, Alms Houses, died; Mr. Howells to be Minister; has Frances bought herself a flannel vest; Jim Rees very much better; George and Mrs. Caffery; Morris Hughes has come home.
4 Oct 1903 Poor Jim Reese has been in bed a week now - "weakness". Wants to see Frances home again. Big meeting with the Baptists on Thursday. Preacher today was a young man from Bala, and 89 at School.
8 Nov 1903 Preacher was Rev. John Evans (Llandiloes) and 93 in school. Frances going to accompany on the piano some young ladies singing and mandolin playing in a soiree in the Vane Hall tomorrow night. Laura P [?] is one. Vaughan Owen very well again. D Vaughan Owen is one of the London Council now. Grand wedding last Wednesday at Red Lion.
15 Nov 1903 Preacher was Rev. R Williams (Towyn) and 101 in School.
22 Nov 1903 Got their Post Card this morning. Very good preacher, a Rev. Evan Evans of Arddlin by Maurice's old home. 92 in school. Going to have a Christmas tree on the 22nd December.
29 Nov 1903 Frances still has a cold; not able to sing but has been playing the mandolin at the Town Hall; reading room in Old chapel, 140 members; hopes that young men spend their time there and not in the Public House or sculking about the streets; details of the morning's sermon, with 103 in school.
6 Dec 1903 Very frosty day and a very good preacher, a student. 102 at school.
13 Dec 1903 Glad to see that the children enjoy the little rabbit. Frances in bed all day with neuralgia. 95 at school. Mr David Jones (Aberfell..[?]) died last Tuesday morning, and buried yesterday - very large funeral. Forgot to post last letter.
20 Dec 1903 Frances seized with a chill on Friday night and been in bed ever since. Worried about missing several engagements, including one at Llanbrynmair on Christmas Day. Letter from Uncle Sam from Johannesburg. Preacher is Mr Davies (Berriew), 104 in school, and there's a Christmas tree in chapel on Tuesday. Wishes all a very Merry Christmas.
27 Dec 1903 J.M is at their house this afternoon and very lively, quite at home with Nain, talking any quantity and full of fun. Saw David last night, was very nice and very friendly. Mamma asking if JM could stay after David returns. Preacher is Professor Jenkin Jones of Aberystwyth college, Sunday School 80. Maurice teaching a class of women, which he enjoyed. Frances not able to go to Llanbrynmair on Christmas day but went to Aberystwyth with several parties from Machynlleth and they were successful at an Eisteddfod.
10 Jan 1904

98 at school; Maurice teaching; 3 meetings last week; Wesleyans have their preaching all next week; Ministers have changed pulpits today - shows a very nice spirit reigning. Drawing at tobacco hard and fast.

17 Jan 1904

Frances is very good in health now, much stronger and more hearty at her food. Will send him a Goleaud containing a little biography of the late David Jones – Aber….. Very good preacher Rev. Evan Evans (Taberncale Arddlin), and 105 in school. Wesleyans have a weeks preaching - Rev. Hugh Hugh (Llangollen). This week the Methodists are having a week of preaching by some Mr Roberts of Bangor and Thos. Jones (Rhostyllen??). Sees they have Mr Torrey & Alexander in their Town, and encourages them to hear Dr. Torrey.

24 Jan 1904

Glad to see that David has been to the Torrey meetings. Mr Parry (Newtown) was preacher and 101 in school.

31 Jan 1904

Details of a chapel meeeting. Poor old Mr Lloyd of the Lion died after a week's illness. Sure that David has seen him. 91 at school.

7 Feb 1904

Preacher today is Rev. E. Edwards (Cemmaes) and 102 in school. Hopes Lizzie Ann has been able to go to Dr Torrey’s meetings, if it was only to hear the singing. Enjoyed himelf teaching a class of young ladies.

14 Feb 1904

Mamma is pretty well and coming to Chapel tonight; very good preacher, Rev. R.R. Williams (Towyn); a very stormy and wet day; Mr Ede. Edwards wife's mother is dead at Boston.

06 Mar 1904

Very cold. Commemorated the Centenary of the Bible Society, with Church and Chapels all combined. New schoolroom. Jack Jenkins, Mr. Mayler [?], Mr. Jenkins the Bank, Mr. Rowlands. Frances at Talybont.

13 Mar 1904

His wife staying with Lizzie Ann. Asks after the dear little baby, thanks Almighty God for her deliverance this time again and hopes she will recover soon. Frances has had neuralgia and not gone out. Mrs Humphreys sent her in a bit of nice dinner today. Raining heavily. 87 in school.

27 Mar 1904

Mamma with Lizzie Ann; wondering if children like the new baby; no preacher today; 97 at school; Frances better after a bad week of neuralgia; results of yesterday's election; hope the eggs arrive safe.

10 Apr 1904  
17 Apr 1904

Lona is well and enjoying herself. 110 at chapel, and preacher was Rev. Ernest Jones of Dolgelly. Induction meeting of new Minister next Thursday, with supper, saving them taking supper at home that night.

24 Apr 1904

Lona quite well and happy, full of fun, yesterday being down with Taid & Nain - Doll. Our School numbered 115.

8 May 1904

Mamma complaining a good bit with her pains; very cold; Lona a very good little girl; hopes John Morris is helping his Mamma; saw the B.B. Wild West show in Aberystywth; might be 20,000 people there and very clever performances; preacher was John Davies (Berriew); 111 in school.

15 May 1904

Preacher was Professor Anwyl (Aberystwyth College), and 110 in school. Mention made of Torr[e]y & Alexander's successes in Birmingham. Took Lona for a long walk this afternoon.

5 Jun 1904

Glad Lizzie Ann arrived home so well. Hoping that dear Lona will get much better and that the dear little baby is very well. Preacher was some Mr Jenkins from Aberystwyth, and 114 in school today.

12 Jun 1904

Glad to that dear Lona is getting much better. Does dear baby cry much? Poor little Hannah Evans is only just alive. Preacher was Mr Maurice Griffiths and 104 in school. Frances been to Carno and enjoyed herself very much.

19 Jun 1904

Baby is not very well - Frances coming by train to help; poor Hannah "still living that's all". A young man from near Castle Emlyn working with Rich. Jones - Tailor, hung himself on Sunday night. Dick y Popty (Dick Griffiths) found in a Hay House down in the fields one night, very bad. Taken home and died, was buried yesterday.

26 Jun 1904

Davy bach mentioned for first time. Poor Hannah died on Monday, buried on Wednesday. E.M. Rees (Wolverhampton) was preacher and 94 in school. Results of a competition. David Arter up on Friday night.

2 Jul 1904

Letter to Frances from her brother John Lewis; very sorry to hear of their mother suffering so much; very pleased with Francey's great success as a singer; been feeling very ill for last 2 or 3 weeks.

5 Jul 1904

Johnny didn't know that Frances was in Birmingham. Preacher this morning was Rev. Martin Luther Phillips of Swansea. 96 in School.

17 Jul 1904

David has pain with his teeth; people want to know when Frances is coming home; 97 at school; very hot weather.

24 Jul 1904

Francey has had very bad neuralgia. 93 at school. Mr Burbidge enquiring much when is Miss Lewis coming home. Miss Susie Jenkins playing the organ - a horrible noise. Mr J Evans - Llandiloes is our preacher. Very hot here at times, but had a storm of rain yesterday about 2 o'clock.

31 Jul 1904

Someone to meet Frances at station to take hatbox - or Mr. Owen or the foreman porter; Ferndale Band at a concert in the Town Hall on Monday night, the Band stopping at the Wynnstay; Demetrius Owen is enquiring when she is returning; Fr. Bacley with the Volunteers to Salisbury Plain and not returning but going to a new place in London; very poorly attended Wesleyan concert; Chapel rather empty this morning; only Maggie Owen as Soprano. J…..[?] all gone away

21 Aug 1904

Not able to go to Chapel or school as hotel very full of visitors; W.S. Jones is preaching today; preaching of God's word to Evan Jones in vain; a girl from London, servant of young Thomas (late Workhouse), sees Johnny very often.

28 Aug 1904

Wants to go to Chapel tonight therefore in a hurry.

4 Sep 1904

Frances quite well now. There was a young man from very near to where you live here with a motor car for the show last Wednesday.

18 Sep 1904

Mamma has had a bad cold but is better. Wrote down the sermon but forgot to retreive his copy book. Recalls how Lizzie Ann used to enjoy Sunday School, which he "commenced".

25 Sep 1904

Frances has a rather bad cold. Mr John Davies (Berriew) is the preacher and 98 at school.

9 Oct 1904

All sailing to Chapel tonight. Preacher is R.D. Williams of Towyn, a very good one. 86 at School. Making the best of the day to rest from labour, toil and care.

16 Oct 1904

Glad that baby is better. Preacher is Rev. J. Morgan (Bow Street), not one of the best. as you know. 83 at school.

30 Oct 1904

Rev. Ernest Jones of Dolgelly was the preacher and 94 in school. Enjoyed myself very much with a class of young men.

13 Nov 1904

Feels Lizzie Ann must be very tired after a hard day’s work in moving on Saturday morning. 105 in School.

20 Nov 1904

Frances been to concerts at Eglwysfach and Aberangell last night. Lizzie Ann and family moved house. Near to a Primitive chapel.

27 Nov 1904

Rather hard weather; Mamma pretty well; thanks for nice tie; 101 at School; great revival going on in South and parts of North Wales.

4 Dec 1904

Very rough day, wind and rain. 89 at School. Mr Davies is the preacher today. Burying Mr J Thomas tomorrow at two o’ clock.

11 Dec 1904

Snow and frost here today. Maurice has had a very bad cold but much better now. School outing today. A letter and parcel from Uncle Sam from Johannesburg.

18 Dec 1904

The Revival is full, Town Prayer meetings everywhere. A Christmas card from Uncle Sam. Hoping that religion is getting brighter in Birmingham. The Welsh in London are having a good time now.

25 Dec 1904

Hopes they have spent a very happy Christmas day. It is very quiet except the Revival – the Town is lively with prayer meetings in every Chapel. A lot of young men from the South. 91 at School.

1 Jan 1905 Hopes David better as he had been in bed over Christmas. Forgot to thank children for their beautiful cards. 99 in School. Revival meetings continued last night until about one o’clock. The Graig Chapel at it until a late hour every night. Heaven only knows whatever will be the outcome. Preacher was R.J. Rees (Aberystwyth).
8 Jan 1905 Sorry they have had such bad colds. Hoping that Lona has had her birthday cake Saturday night. 122 at School today, more than ever before. Elias Jones (Newtown) was the preacher.
15 Jan 1905 The Revival is at a great height, the English Chapel have prayer meetings and they are held until midnight, especially in the Wesleyan chapel; they were there until 12.30.
22 Jan 1905 Frances rather bad with a cold, in bed nearly all day. Mamma is middling. He is very well. The sin of bad language and drunkenness is driven out of Town to a large degree, through the Revival. They are praying everywhere and it’s a blessed time to live in. 118 at Sunday School. 11 young men in his class. Hopes that this great Revival has reached to Birmingham.
29 Jan 1905 Mamma is much better. 117 at school - pretty lively here just now, and prayer meetings every night. Mr Davies (Pastor) is with us today. The news came to town yesterday that Lord Henry had died very sudden, at 8 o'clock yesterday morning at Melton Mowbray. The funeral will take place at Machynlleth on Thursday.
5 Feb 1905 A very mizzling rainy day. The funeral of Lord Henry [1855-1905, 3rd child of the 5th Marquess of Londonderry, and Mary Cornelia Edwards] was on Thursday. Very large indeed. 103 at School. Preacher – J. Evans (Llandiloes). Wasn't in Chapel this morning, but had a very large class, 11 young men. Hopes that Lizzie Ann had the parcel alright.
12 Feb 1905 A very fine day, rather cold, many people suffering from colds. 102 in School. Enjoyed his class - with ten of them it requires one to be pretty sharp to keep them all interested in the work.
26 Feb 1905 Rather rough weather today. 96 in School. Poor J Fr Roberts the old Minister died on Saturday morning at 8 o’clock. He was lodging with Miss Jones (Corner Shop).
5 Mar 1905 105 in School. Poor old Jane Charles (the Mangle) was buried yesterday.
12 Mar 1905 Failed to go to Chapel this morning.107 in School. So rough on Friday night, Frances could not go out. Very sharp storm here this morning at 8 o’clock, lightening and thunder.
19 Mar 1905 100 at school; good fun with lads; Frances to hear Gypsy Smith in Aberystwyth.
26 Mar 1905 Neither Mamma or Frances very bright today. Just had a line from Johnny - he is quite well. Rather showery here today. 96 at School.
3 Apr 1905 Geo. Caffery, Mrs Ravencroft, Rich. Jones, Ede. Edwards, Mr Burbidge all took part in the prayer meeting, and Mrs Jenkins (the Bank) put a hymn out to finish. 97 in School. Mr Arthur (the Star Stores) is our Superintendent. Margaret Ellis down street (the shop) buried on Thursday, they brought her corpse from London. She was married about two years ago to a Mr Jones.
9 Apr 1905 Frances had a very bad cold on Friday but much better today. Mamma coming to Chapel tonight. 107 at school. Poor Miss Jones (Infant School) died on Saturday morning. Thanks Lizzie Ann for her kind invitation but doesn't think he can come this Easter as they may be busy in the Hotel.
16 Apr 1905 Mamma is not the best today. 108 at School.
30 Apr 1905 Sorry they did not write last week but Frances was in bed all day on Friday with a very bad bilious attack. 99 at School, and a very good preacher, the Rev. Wynne Thomas (Aberystwyth). There is to be large Conference with the Wesleyans this week so the Town will be very lively.
14 May 1905 Frances has had a very bad face, been in bed nearly 3 days - got up this afternoon but looks rather ugly. Mrs Foulkes-Jones wishes to be remembered much to you. 96 at School. 6. I enjoyed my class very much. The children must be very proud with their watches. Expect a letter from Frances and Mother perhaps tomorrow.
21 May 1905 Frances is out for tea with an insurance family (Mr Jones) that have lately come to Town. They are good and useful people in our Chapel. 102 at School. Ten young men in his class. Mr Davies is with them today. Mrs Foulkes-Jones wished to be remembered to you.
18 Jun 1905 Weather very sultry and heavy. Failed to go to Chapel this morning but had a good class in the School - 93 people. School going to Borth for the day next Thursday. Minister is the Rev. Ernest Jones (Dolgelly), very good. The Revival is going very well in North Wales. 4,000 people and about two dozen praying at once at Llanerchymedd in Anglesey on Whit Monday.
9 Jul 1905 Very sharp thunder storm about 12 o’clock today but very fine now. 87 in School. Rev. Richard Owen (Welshpool) is the Preacher - very good. Frances very successful in the Eisteddfod. Shall send a Christian Herald and she will see about Evan Roberts in Anglesey and especially Holyhead.
16 Jul 1905 Weather very hot. 77 at Sunday School – people away very much now. So glad to see that she is coming to see them soon. How did Johnny pass his great day? Hopes to have a letter soon.
30 Jul 1905 Glad that the time is so near that you are coming to see us. 79 at School.
21 Aug 1905 From Lizzie Ann's Aunt, E. Laurie, in Manchester. Glad to have received her kind letter. Supposes that she has her Jack home by now. She and James going to Port Robart next Saturday.
3 Sep 1905 Glad to see that she arrived safe and had a pleasant journey. Hoping that they are all recovering from the long ride. 87 at school. Surpised to see Mr. M. Griffiths in the pulpit conducting the service. The Welshpool man did not come, but Mr Griffiths was very good. Something very fresh about his sermon. Mamma is middling but there is such a change in the weather. Singing rather poor.
10 Sep 1905 It has been very wet and rough here for many days. Preacher is a Rev. John Roberts (Wrexham), but failed to get to Chapel this morning. 85 in School. Have had a death card of little Harold Lewis - his parents sent it from Bridge End Street. Nearly £15 collected for the present to Mr Davies on his marriage, and they intend to have a Christian Endeavour soiree. Lizzie Pughe is better. Will send a County Times - you will see about the wedding.
13 Sep 1905 Letter to Frances from Jno. Meirion Evans, Boot, Shoe and Legging Manufacturer (Caersws) - letter is on Central Boot Stores headed paper - requesting her to sing at the Village Hall, Caersws on 27 October. Offers her 10/- plus expenses.
13 Sep 1905 Letter to Frances from John Richards of Towyn, asking her if she could come and sing for them on 3 Nov - but for expenses only, as they are rather low financially. They'll make her as comfortable as they can if she consents to come. Letter signed by "From your cheeky old lodger, John Richards".
1 Oct 1905 Frances is very well & Mamma is amongst the middlings. I am quite well myself. 99 at School. Ede. Edwards is remembering to you very much.
8 Oct 1905 A very fine day and everything comfortable. Minister from Welshpool, a very good one. 101 in School.
15 Oct 1905 Mr Davies is with us today for the first time after his marriage. 96 in School. Had a very large class, subject – it is impossible but that offences will come.
22 Oct 1905 Having a very nice Sunday. Mr Davies with them today, and Harvest Thanksgiving tomorrow. 100 at School.
5 Nov 1905 Frances in Towyn on Friday night singing in a concert, and going to Caersws on Wednesday for a concert. 107 in School. Mr Davies is our preacher today.
19 Nov 1905 Poor old Mrs B[?] was buried at Aberhosan on Friday, a private funeral. We were all struck to hear of the sudden death of Mr Lloyd Jones – Llandinam. They are burying him tomorrow. He simply went upstairs and lay on the bed and there they found him having passed away. Methodists have lost one of the great men.
3 Dec 1905 Mr Davies with us today. 106 in School. Monthly meeting is in Maengwyn on Wednesday and Thursday, but poor D. Lloyd Jones will not be there. Evan Roberts is commencing a 7 week tour in Caernarvonshire this week.
24 Dec 1905 Vaughan Owen had a blood vessel break last night, about 12 o’clock. Mr Davies preaching today. 81 at School. Evan Roberts is very likely to come to Machynlleth in a short time, he is on the coast now. Merry Christmas to the children.
xx xxx 1906 Preacher is Rev. J. Evans (Llandiloes), and 100 at school. The old Mr Ed. Morgan died on Thursday night at his hotel in Aberdovey.
7 Jan 1906 Called on V. Owen today and he is much better. Failed to go to chapel this morning therefore I have no shape of a sermon to send you, but had a very good class of nine young men in my class. 98 at school and Mr Davies our preacher today. Glad the children enjoyed their tea party. I find that by reading the old testament that I render such knowledge to the mind. Should I be spared for some time I shall have read the Bible through the verses that we find in the old testament. Some verses are so inspiring.
12 Jan 1906 Postcard: Frances keep up and give all the help you can and tell the children to be very good. Shall see about the box at the station tonight and then will send it in a day or two. Mamma's cold sticks on her chest much.
13 Jan 1906 Mamma much better, and we hope that she will not have such an attack soon again. She had it severe this time but we feel thankful to almighty God for his great mercy once more. Had a letter from Johnny this morning and he felt it very much, and well he may for she has been a fine Mother to him. Glad that he sees it now. 100 at school today, and preacher a student from the New College (Aberystwyth). Not much to tell her of the sermon because he was rather quick speaking, but it was very good. Sorry to see that the good men in Suffolk Street have not learned to behave themselves. There cannot be much grace or good there.
21 Jan 1906 Very glad to receive her letter this morning and to see that the box went alright. Hopes she has enjoyed the contents pretty well, and what you want shall be sent tomorrow. Going to send the machine to Johnny this week. Mr Griffiths sent the post card. 97 at school and Mr Davies our preacher.
28 Jan 1906 Mamma is going to chapel tonight to hear Dr Oswald Williams of Cassia [Khasi] Hills give an address on the mission work tonight. 82 at School. A good deal of inquiry as to when Miss Frances is coming home. Mr Burbidge has got a lot of work for Miss Lewis when she comes back. There is a revivalist in Maengwyn Chapel - a Llewellyn Lloyd from Anglesey.
4 Feb 1906 Hopes that Frances's face is better. Had a letter from Johnny saying that the machine had arrived quite safe, of which we are very glad. 98 at school and Mr Davies with us today. Mamma is going to chapel, and Vaughan Owen was in chapel today. Doesn't know how the singing practice tonight will go as Llewelyn and Iorwerth have bad colds. Hopes he and Mamma can make up the balance. Mrs B. Davies has been rather bad. Mr Burbidge wants to know when Miss Lewis coming home - he has quite a long programme for her.
11 Feb 1906 Glad to have Lizzie Ann's letter this morning. It has been very rough for days. 85 at School and Edmunds Tengagnon [?] is the preacher. Much enquiring when is Miss Lewis coming home. Mamma going out to Chapel tonight. Did she put a cord around the box? Received it on Saturday, a little crushed but all inside safe. Will try to meet her at the station, but too stormy and cold for Mamma to go.
18 Feb 1906 Mamma not going to chapel tonight but she is fairly well. I am very well and Frances is jolly, busy going about getting some singers for a musical evening tomorrow night - Monday - Christian Endeavour. Mr Davies Berriew is our preacher. 90 at Sunday school. Hoping Lizzie Ann is able to keep up, with so much to do. David Thomas, Catherine Jones's father, died on Thursday night. Burying tomorrow.
25 Feb 1906 Very windy and cold. Frances is quite well. We hope that she will keep up to pass over next Thursday for f….[ing]. 65 at school. Mr Parry was preaching this morning. Tell the children to be very good and do what they can to help.
11 Mar 1906 Glad that little David is better. A very rough day here, wind and rain. 78 at school. Unfortunately could not go to morning service but enjoyed himself in the class.
18 Mar 1906 Mamma is not coming to chapel tonight, she feels the rheumatism a little. A very fine day here and we are glad to have it. 98 at school and Mr Davies is the preacher today. You have as much as you can do every day and hour. Hopes that she feels that God is helping her.
25 Mar 1906 Snowing here a little today and Mamma does not feel very bright. 92 at school, and no preacher today as R. Owen (Welshpool) was not well enough to come.
1 Apr 1906 It's a very fine day and we have every privilege that the Sabbath day brings with it. Frances got on very well at Llandiloes as you will see in the County Times. 89 at school and Mr Davies with us today. Hoping to see them all at Whitsuntide.
15 Apr 1906 Very unfortunate today, we have so many people in the hotel that I cannot go to chapel - only to the school for a short time, but I have by now learnt to be content in every step. There are seven gentlemen from Birmingham here. 79 at School and Mr. George from Llandrindod is our preacher.
22 Apr 1906 Poor Mrs Evan Jones of London was buried yesterday. She had a very respectable funeral. Poor thing, she had suffered much. 83 at school and preacher is Dr Osmond Williams of Cashia [=Khasia=Khasi] Hills. He does not preach much but he gives an account of the people in their mode of worship there which is very interesting to listen to.
13 May 1906 A very fine day. 87 at School and the Rev. Cunllo Davies is our preacher. Also had the Volunteers Parade in our chapel this morning. Poor Richard Lloyd (the Flannel) died very sudden on Tuesday last & was buried on Friday.
27 May 1906 Hopes that Lona's ear is better. Should like to see them at Whitsuntide if they can come. Very wet Sunday here, raining all day. Very good minister from Liverpool. School was very small owing to the day, and some ill. A very enjoyable day on Thursday, the Carnival at night was very good. Two servant girls from Aston in the Wynnstay.
3 Jun 1906 They bury Mrs Edwards (Saddler) at about 3 o'clock Monday. 71 at school - rather small. Mr Davies our preacher. It's a very fine day. Hoping that she is able to spend this day in holy meditation as well as she can, despite being much disturbed because of the children.
10 Jun 1906 Pretty well at present except Frances with neuralgia. It has been very hot but pouring with rain now. Could Lizzie Ann write a word to Mr Edwards & Lizzie and Mary Hannah & Edward if you she has time to spare. Mr Edmunds preaching today, and 87 at School.
17 Jun 1906 Mamma going to chapel tonight, it is Sacrament and Mr Davies is with us today. Mrs Edwards (Saddler) was telling me that they have a very nice letter from you and were very thankful to you for your sympathy with them in their trouble. 93 at school. We are going to have the Sunday school treat on Thursday next up on Bwlch Croesfaen. I am changing masters at the Hotel this week.
24 Jun 1906 Mamma is better. A great storm last night, but very fine today. 87 at school. Hoping that JM & Lona are becoming great scholars.
1 Jul 1906 It's a very fine day and everything quiet. 77 at School and Mr Rees of Wolverhampton our preacher. Very good.
15 Jul 1906 A few people here suffering from colds and different things. Eddie Edwards and his wife not all well. Lizzie said she would call to see you, just a call because Eliza and her father are down at Walsall. Mary Hannah getting married. 82 at school and Mr. Davies Berriew is our preacher. A very fine day here. Mrs Davies B. Davies (the Foundry) is leaving here for Birmingham tomorrow.
22 Jul 1906 Frances went to station to see Dick Hughes but he did not pass in any train therefore she was too late for post. 80 at school and we have Mr Parry today. Glad to see that Mrs Edwards & Lizzie called upon you and saying that you looked well and a beautiful baby.
29 Jul 1906 Expecting to see them about the end of this week. Mr Idris Jones is othe preacher and 65 at School. Poor Revd Owen, Newlyn, died very sudden on Thursday about 7pm and they were obliged to bury him Sunday. There was a thousand people in the funeral. I never saw such a one in Machynlleth. And another house in great trouble - Richard Jones, Tailor, (Dicko) had an operation on Friday and died on Saturday evening. I shall be at the station with the trap.
4 Aug 1906 Preacher is Mr Williams (Pastor), and we have a new organ today in the Chapel - much better than the old Harmonium. Supposes that Frances is off early this morning towards Corwen. Imagines they will be most busy now with the children and wishes to be remembered to them and try to tell him something about Mamma & Dada in Machynlleth.
16 Sep 1906 Have had a letter from Johnny this morning, said that he had a postcard from you. 82 at school.
23 Sep 1906 Mamma pretty well and intends to go to Gwen tomorrow. She has to go to Welshpool and then by the little railway near to Llanfair - being met by a trap. The funeral of the Marchioness is tomorrow - Monday at 2 o'clock - it makes them very busy at the Hotel. Some of their guests staying there and a breakfast for about 180 people. 83 in School. There is a great Temperance Conference in the town this week.
30 Nov 1906 Hoping that Frances's your head and toothache is better. Mamma has enclosed something for her and also a programme of the concert last night. Jones (Aberhosan) was singing very well. Mr Davies asking if you she'll be at home by the New Year and is there any quartet that you like. There's 2 guineas for challenge solo and he wants you to try. Better write to Mr Davies by return.
17 Dec 1906 Having today something like a school meeting, questioning the children this morning on the ten virgins, and the small children were questioned on the resurrection of Christ by Mrs Williams, schoolmistress of Derwenlas. They answered well. Had a postcard from Johnny.
23 Dec 1906 Weather is rather cold here. Frances very busy with her different parties, singing, preparing for Christmas and New Year's parties. Poor Mr Evan Jones (Bookseller) died on Tuesday night and was buried yesterday - very large funeral. And also Willie Lewis that was with John Davies the Painter died on Friday night after a short illness. Mr Davies is our preacher today, and 84 at Sunday school. Wishes all a very Happy Christmas.
6 Jan 1907 Frances has a bad cold and swollen face but not much pain. Mamma pretty well - they both have colds. 92 at school no. 92, Mr Davies (Pastor) is preacher. It's a nice calm day. Sacrament tonight.
20 Jan 1907 Ede. Edwards in the house now and he wishes to be remembered to her. Several people dying about here now - Mrs Hughes (the Baptist's minister's wife) died after a very short illness. A growing girl 20 years of age - a sister of Sal Abrahams - and also a man at Glandulas Fach who died in a moment. Uncle Lewis the Guard very poorly. 94 at School.
3 Feb 1907 Very cold and frosty day here. 85 at school and Mr Davies our preacher. Failed to go to the service this morning. Had a postcard from Johnny this morning . Great many people suffering from influenza about here. Principle Rhys of Aberystwyth preaching for us next Sunday.
10 Feb 1907 The weather has changed for the better, but many suffering bad colds. 85 at school. Expects a very large congregation tonight, but Mamma does not feel quite able to go.
29 Apr 1907 Hoping that JM is better. 82 at school, and preacher Mr Hobley of Carnarvon - a very quaint preacher, one of the old style. Maurice has now read the New Testament through and the Old also up to Proverbs - and should he live long enough he hopes to finish the Old - all by reading a chapter or two when he gets home late at night. Frances very busy with her violin these days in the singing festivals held in the Town.
7 Jul 1907 Worried that Lizzie Ann had experienced a frightful storm. The brother of his mistress has just arrived by motor car at the Wynnstay from Birmingham. 88 at school and preacher was Mr Davies.
28 Jul 1907 Hopes Frances's face is better and Lizzie Ann and baby coming on pretty well. Lydia having tea with her. Had a short letter from Johnny. Mrs Edgerton Williams's little girl died last Thursday morning in going under an operation in Manchester. Sunday school is sending a wreath with her brother. 75 in school. You saw in the paper of that accident by Montgomery.
30 Jul 1907 Glad to have her letters this morning, but sorry that Frances has so much pain. Hopes that David will come and bring the children with him.
18 Aug 1907 Children were having tea with them and they were all very jolly. We are hoping to see Lizzie Ann and Frances soon. Went to Mrs Harding's funeral this afternoon - a very large funeral and she was buried in the churchyard. Poor children they are left alone now. 75 at school and Mr Davies with us today. Lots of Frances's old friends here now, Lizzie Pugh, Lilly Owen and Cassie & Lydia, all enquiring when she is coming home.
29 Sep 1907 Glyn very well and full of life. A very fine day, 109 at school and Professor Young Evans of Aberystwyth College is the preacher. For the second time he has read the four gospels and goes on feeling a desire to know more of those things which the scripture reveals.
6 Oct 1907 Maglona Richards is here now - Glyn has just woked up and he is as merry as can be. 75 at School and preacher Mr Williams (Towyn).
20 Oct 1907 More details on Glyn. 72 at school and Mr Davies the preacher today. It's a very wet day.
3 Nov 1907 Glyn is alright. 94 at school, and Mr David is with us today but not very well. Last Friday morning Mrs Capt. Roberts that used to live in Tanrallt - the old Tan House - was found dead about 10 o'clock having had a stroke, and Captain Roberts was away at the Van mines by Llandiloes. It was a great shock to everybody.
24 Nov 1907 Glyn is all on the go, beginning to talk. 93 at school, and the preacher is a student. It is Temperance Sunday. Burying Mrs J Evans and Mrs Rees tomorrow. Poor Vaughan Owen not getting on very well, and afraid that he'll have a hard job to get over this.
22 Dec 1907 Glyn alright tonight. Memorial to V. Owen by Mr Parry of Newtown feels the chapel very empty without him. 95 at school. Had a letter from Johnny and a Christmas card for Glyn.
29 Dec 1907 Received her letter. Glyn is alright. 87 at school, and a Mr Morgan Griffith of Barmouth is the preacher.
5 Jan 1908 A very hard frost here. 89 at school and everything very pleasant but very empty without poor Vaughan. Hope that you had Glyn's letter.
19 Jan 1908 Glyn is alright, been out with Dada yesterday. Hope to have your presence very soon. 93 at school and Mr Davies preaching today. Poor Dr. Matthews is in a very weak state, his life has almost been despaired of. Surprised by a funeral from the station this morning - young Ed. Marpole been brought from London. Died in consumption.
2 Feb 1908 Glyn first class. Sees David very often and Mr Davies - both at their house last night and Mr Davies coming some night for an hour of singing. Much talk about your coming with the English chapel people as if the queen of Sheba was coming. 74 at school.
9 Feb 1908 Glyn is quite well. John Hughes told me this morning a little of what the Doctor said about your coming. We shall see David tomorrow I suppose.
19 Feb 1908 A very rough day - showers of hail stones and much wind. 97 at school and Preacher is J. Davies (Berriew). Good many poorly now with colds. H. Humphrey's little baby was buried yesterday at eleven o'clock, private funeral. Frances was in Cemmaes on Friday night - had a very pleasant concert. The Revival is keeping up very well in the town.
23 Feb 1908 Glyn is quite well and his father came for him after dinner to go to the Hughes. We saw Lona's birthday tie for her Dada and Glyn sent a card. 102 at school - very good.
1 Mar 1908 Glyn is quite well and full of play. We hope that Lona as got alright by now and that Davy is getting on well in the Hospital. 97 at school and Mr Davies with us today. Sacrament tonight. There is such snow on the hills about here and it is very cold. I suppose we shall see David on Monday or Tuesday.
10 Sep 1911 Glad that Lizzie Ann has met with a lovely people in the Wesleyans and so glad to see that they are doing a little with Temperance. Professor Jenkin Jones (Aberystwyth) here today.
25 Aug 1912 Mamma is keeping up wonderful and the children are alright. We had a very large flood on Friday. 86 in school and Mr Parry (Newtown) is with us today.
27 Aug 1912 From Lona to her father, reporting that she is alright and that they get plenty of fun over what Alun says. Going to Aberystwyth next Thursday with the church trip with Aunty Mary, and the show is on next Wednesday.
1 Sep 1912 Mr Davies the preacher and 90 in school. Lona and Alun went. Also giving a bible to Fred Pierce on going away. Hymns this morning: 138, 716, 13, 476 (Crugybar) then 477.
15 Sep 1912 No children in school on account of measles. Frances played the organ this morning in the service with great satisfaction to all. Mr Davies was the preacher, very good. Looking forward to the Conference on the 28th.
29 Sep 1912 We had the long looked for Conference, and a great and good thing it was. There were more ministers and delegates than had ever been seen in Machynlleth before, and all the meetings were very good. Rev. Wynn Thomas of Swansea preaching today - a very fine preacher.
6 Oct 1912 Alun is quite well although many children in the measles. I was in chapel this morning and in school. School was small at present owing to that the little children are not allowed to go, neither are the day schools open yet. Davies the preacher.
13 Oct 1912 Mr Mendus [?] Montgomery is the preacher. Mrs George Caffery continues ill a long time.
20 Oct 1912 Not much chapel going today, only Maurice. Frances nor Trevor out because it was so wet and stormy. Thanksgiving with all the chapels tomorrow - Monday. Rev. Fr. Davies is the preacher.
27 Oct 1912 Very rainy and stormy here yesterday and today. Mr Parry (Newtown) is the preacher. Hopes to have a feast.
10 Nov 1912 Trevor is alright. A very stormy afternoon here. In chapel this morning, and the greatest subject was temperance - being that Sunday.
15 Dec 1912 Very rough weather here. Preacher today is Rev. Stephen George of Llandrindod - a very nice quaint preacher, and very short in his sermons. Been just a fortnight trying to learn a verse in Mark, ch14v35, and wondering at it.
5 Jan 1913 Hopes that Lizzie Ann is improving - it is a strange way that she is led at the present. Many friends enquiring about her and he hopes that she has had a letter from Mrs Briggs and Mrs Thomas. Also hopes that the children are cared for by David and the neighbours. Mr Davies the preacher today.
12 Jan 1913 Mamma is better, and Trevor Alun has been to school with Frances. 100 at school, and minister was David Millward. Glad to see that Lizzie Ann was able to go home although not able to do much. Hopes that John and Lona are doing their best to help her and that Davy & Glyn & Enid are very good children.
19 Jan 1913 Hoping that she is feeling better and with God's blessing will get better; praying for her. Preacher is Mr Davies (Pastor). A baby boy in Ede. Edwards this morning.
26 Jan 1913 Hoping that she is increasing in strength and that the baby is quite well. Little Trevor came down to the kitchen today and is getting better nicely. 104 in class and the preacher was Mr Parry (Newtown). It's a very fine day here.
15 Feb 1913 Maurice was rather poorly last Sunday and didn't write. Hadn't heard anything from Johnny this last week. Trevor Alun was with Frances and he said a verse and he had a ticket. Rev Fr. Davies with us today.
2 Mar 1913 Trevor is alright - took him for a walk after tea as far as Dovey Bridge, and he was bothering me about the telegraph wires. Mr Davies with us today, and 99 at school. Johnny not so well this last week - hope he will have a change soon for London is not much of a place to be in when you cannot work.
16 Mar 1913 Had a letter from Johnny today and he is a little better. Dr said he must go to a convalescent home for a week or two to Margate. He is to see the Doctor on Tuesday for examination. Sunday school anniversary today - we have Solo & Duet and anthem, and Mr Davies giving a short sermon. The Calvinistic Association is next week in Maengwyn. Had a great storm here last night from 11 to 12 o' clock.
6 Apr 1913 Had a letter from Johnny, saying that he's a little better now. Hope he will get well soon for London is not a place for sick people. Mr Davies is with us today, and Frances is playing the organ. Trevor was in school today saying a verse and having a ticket.
13 Apr 1913 A very fine day. Alun quite well, has been to Sunday school and had a ticket. 103 at school, and preacher is a student, Mr Sandys.
20 Apr 1913 David's father was a little better on Saturday. A very fine day here and God seems to smile on us again with fine weather. Enjoyed Mr Fr. Davies's sermon this morning. Hopes that John is doing something and Lona much help. Account from Johnny in London is not very bright, and prays that God helps him in is weakness and restores him soon to health.
29 Apr 1913 Rather a rainy day. Had a letter from Johnny, who seems to be poor enough and cannot get away to some institution. Hopes that he will get better soon or don't know what will become of him. 101 at school and preacher today is the Corris minister. Mrs Jones, Cambrian House, died yesterday. The funeral of E. F. Jones, Bodlondeb, is tomorrow (Monday). Coming from Llandudno by 1.15 train and then straight to the cemetery. The poor old Mother.
4 May 1913 We feel a little cast down about Johnny but I glad that he has gone to a Home. John Hughes was better on Saturday. We have had a few taken from our midst of late. 103 at school. Trevor and Frances was in school, and Mr Davies was Teacher. I took Trevor for a walk after tea - by the Cemetery and over Penrallt.
11 May 1913 Frances enjoying herself in London and pretty well there after the long journey. David was at our house for a long time this morning and took Alun out for a walk. He found his father in rather a weak state. Preacher today is Mr Parry (Newtown).
25 May 1913 Wrote a word to Johnny - his case looked hopeful in his last letter. 103 at school, and preacher today is a Mr Edwards of Oswestry. Took Alun for a walk up to the park.
xx xxx 1913 Letter from Johnny to Lizzie Ann. Feels a little better these last days, and taking Maltine and cod liver oil. The weather is bad - fogs, rain, wind, etc. The church he attends has offered to send him to a convalescent home at Broadstairs. They are very good, and allow a pint of milk everyday. The difficulty is you have to pay your own fare, but when you get there everything is free and you have the best of everything.
xx Jun 1913 Letter from Johnny to Lizzie Ann. Sorry to hear of Mr J. Hughes being ill. Glad that he is getting better slowly - had arranged to go to Broadstairs next Thursday, thinking that 'M' was keeping the fare for me on the quiet, knowing very well he hasn't got it. But learnt differently and in a very hard manner, so it's knocked on the head. Sorry to hear about J.F. Jones.
1 Jun 1913 Johnny has come home from Broadstairs, but not much better. Saw Taid Hughes out with Morris this afternoon. Mr Davies is our preacher today, and Maurice going to Sacrament tonight.
8 Jun 1913 Had a letter from Johnny - said that he was a little better and that he was going to a hospital very soon. They must be very poor. Preacher today is Stephen George (Llandridod) text Ephesians, first chapter, 18th & 19th verses. They were saying goodbye to James Jenkins. He's going to Welshpool.
15 Jun 1913 Pretty well excepting Frances. She has been very bad with neuralgia all this last week, and having teeth taken out. Very warm day here. Sees a great improvement in David's father every day now. Mr Davies the preacher today. Johnny doesn't seem to make much improvement for the better.
22 Jun 1913 Frances is better and Trevor is alright - took him for a walk after tea. A very fine day today. Preacher is P.O. Williams of Bangor ………..[?]. Poor Johnny Davies the Carrier is very ill, not likely to recover.
Undated Hopes that Frances is much better from toothache and head. Very stormy today. 94 at school, where they were giving farewell to Mr & Mrs Ed. Jones - they are going to Oswestry. Sacrament tonight. The Monthly Meeting in chapel on Thursday next and the Rev. Professor David Williams of Aberystwyth delivers a sermon at 7 o'clock. Mr Evan Jones is a little better today. Mrs Jenkins (the Bank) asking when Frances was coming back. Evans the Policeman off to Cemmaes tomorrow.