To: Lizzie Ann and David

From: Maurice Lewis (her father)

December 1898

Dear Children

I now take the pleasure of writing a few lines to you, hoping that you are both quite well as it leaves us all pretty well at present. I am quite well, Mamma is amongst the middlins, Frances is pretty well and Johnny also, but we must be very thankful to our heavenly father, this and all his mercies which we receive daily.

We have a very happy Sunday - Mr Thomas of Aberdovey is our Preacher and he is such a good one. Dear Lizzie Ann I have to say that Mrs Vaughan Owen is dead and buried. She died last Monday morning about 5 o'clock. It was rather unexpected but she had been very poorly for about a fortnight. There is a very sad house there - poor Vaughan is in great trouble. You may write to him a short letter of sympathy, I am sure he will be glad to have a letter from you. I am trying to comfort him my best and we pray that the Lord will be very near him in this his hour of great trouble. It was a very large funeral on Wednesday at 3 o'clock and highly respectable. David and Walter Lyndall came. I was talking to them. Poor Maggie is very much upset. You know she was not very strong to hear the great blow.

There is a little coming here for Christmas from Rhisowen you know cousin Ed. Price Edwards. Dear Lizzie and David I hope you will spend a very pleasant Christmas. You know the last one was very memorable to me. Now my prayer to God is that you both may be largely blest with strength and grace to do something in the vineyard of the Lord, keeping in view every day that we are not exempt from being called upon to render up an account. So may our lives be such that we shall be able to do this with joy and not with sorrow.

Dear children I conclude with our very best love to you having no more to say at present.

M & E Lewis - Father and Mother