To: Lizzie Ann and David

From: Maurice Lewis (her father)

November 20 1898

Dear Lizzie Ann and David

We now take the pleasure of writing a few lines to you hoping that you both are pretty well. Sorry to hear that David has been poorly but hoping by now that he has quite recovered. Frances has been very poorly last week but she is a little better now. Mamma is not very well. Me and Johnny are quite well and we must thank our great Creator and Preserver that we are all so well as we are. Let us all be very thankful that our lives are spared and that so many mercies are given and this is all for Christ's sake, amen.

Poor Mrs Foulkes Jones had a very bad accident on last Sunday night. The Penrhyn-Dovey Trap coming down by the Tower knocked her down. She had turned aside to say goodnight to Dr Parry and not hearing very well she was knocked down, and had it not been for Joseph Tanybryn who was close by, the wheel would have gone over her body. She hurt her head and face very bad and was unconscious for a time but she is progressing favourably. Jane Roberts Cissey's Aunt on the corner died very sudden last week. Cissey is at home now. Also Miss Maldwyn Humphries died last night and young Mr O.G. Owen Mathafarn yesterday so you see dear children life to many is very short. Therefore it behoves us all to make great preparation for the end, and may God grant us all wisdom and grace to do this every day. So I have not much to tell you this time. The Sunday school meeting is to be held in our Chapel next Sunday so you see I shall be busy. We are spending a happy Sunday.

May God bless you both from your dear Father and Mother, Frances and Johnny

M & E Lewis