To: Lizzie Ann and David

From: Maurice Lewis (her father)

October 23 1898

Dear Lizzie Ann and David

I am just sending a word to tell you that Mamma arrived home quite safe about 9 o'clock this morning feeling a little tired. She had a very nice journey all night and Thos. Williams was very kind to her getting a cup of tea - very good - two or three times on the journey. I thought he had been very kind indeed so I must thank him very much.

Dear children I thank you very much for your great kindness to Mamma and may God bless you both and receiving Grace daily to serve him faithfully. I hope your hearts and minds to be kept in the knowledge and love of God through our Lord Jesus Christ - amen.

We hope that Frances will be able to go through her performances on Tuesday night. She has to be singing for about two hours taking the leading part. It will be a grand mark for her if she can keep up throughout. Our Minister is preaching today. Poor Lizzie Wood buried her baby on Wednesday last. It died very sudden. Frances and Johnny send their very best love to you both. I am glad you are so happy in your own house.

So I conclude with our best love to you both.

Father and Mother - M & E Lewis