To: Lizzie Ann

From: Mrs Williams (she ran the Post Office in Machynlleth with her husband before moving to Aberystwyth) - a family friend

10th August 1897

My dear Lizzie Ann

Today I began to think it was time I answered your last kind letter, although it was the bearer of sad news. Your poor fellow servant must have received a great shock to hear of her brother being so suddenly killed on the railway. Poor young man - let us hope he was ready and that he had made a friend of that saviour who never forsakes his own in the hour of death. May the dear Lord help all his friends to cast all their sorrow upon one who is mighty and strong to deliver. I expect your fellow servant has returned long before this and that you have her help again, how nice for you that she is a true Christian and that you both live so happily together.

I hope you may long be so. I hope you are keeping well through all the hot weather we have had. Was it not grand to read about the Queen's Jubilee. I expect you saw some of the grandeur and will never forget it, long may she live to reign in righteousness and peace in the prayer of her people. Please when you write home kindly remember me to your parents, brother and sister, and excuse this being a short letter as I am busy for I have had a lot of visitors since Easter, one after the other of relatives and am now expecting one of my brothers from Wrexham.

I hope to be able to write more next time and don't you keep me as long as I have kept you without an answer.

With kind love, believe me ever to remain your well wisher

C Williams