To: Elizabeth Ann Lewis

From: Maurice and Emma Lewis

Sunday April 11th 1897

Dear Lizzie Ann

I take the pleasure of writing a few lines to you, hoping you are quite well, as this leaves me at present. I am glad to say that Mamma is better now. She does not complain so much, and Frances and Johnny is quite well and they are sending their best love to you.

Poor Sarah Morris is not very well these days. Dear Lizzie Ann, we are getting on very well now in Chapel with our new minister. There is said about how he is very anxious to see you, and everybody praises you, but all being well the time will come when he shall see you dear Lizzie. We have a very nice young man preaching for us today. He is your man from D………[?] - Evans. He is quite an Evangelist. The text this morning was Second Corinthians - Chapter 4 - Verses 17 & 18 - for this light affliction worketh for us a far more and exceeding night of glory and so on. Mr E L Evans is our Superintendent now and I think that our School will be more prosperous. The number in School today was 72.

Dear Lizzie I hope that you are able to go to Chapel pretty often and I know when you go that you enjoy it very much, and I hope dear that the Bible is very precious to you every day, and may the Lord bless to you every day some little verse or other. I know that you are very busy, but the promise is 'I will be with thee, I will never leave thee nor forsake thee'. Bright seraphim despatched from the throne fly swift to their stations assigned and Angels elect are sent down to guard the elect of mankind.

So I have not much news to tell you now my dear Lizzie Ann. May God bless you and keep you amen.

With our dearest love from all.

From your loving father

M Lewis