To: Lizzie Ann

From: Mrs Williams (a family friend who ran the Post Office in Machynlleth with her husband until they moved to Aberystwyth)

Croesawdy Aberystwyth

March 16 1897

My dear Lizzie Ann

I am sorry to be so long in writing to you and indeed I have forgotten whether you wrote last or I. However let that be as it may I felt I should like to write you a few lines as I am writing by this mail to poor Maggie Caffrey who wrote to me early last month and told me how ill she had been and that her feet are very painful. Have you seen her since she came to London? I am sure whenever you are able to pay her a visit she should be pleased to see you, then you could comfort her a little could you not? Mrs Foulkes Jones has very kindly sent me your new address so I am glad to hear that you are going on so happily, you have made God your friend and he will never fail you for he never slumbers or sleeps but is always planning for our good and leading us in pleasant paths. Make much of the time you get alone with him in prayer or the reading of your bible, more light is given if we make use of what we have, for 'God is light and in him is no darkness at all' - oh what a friend is ours. Earthly friends do fail and leave us but he has promised to never leave or forsake us. Tell him all - 'everyday will I bless thee' the bible says, oh then do not let us lose the blessing for the want of asking for it, 'ask and ye shall receive' this is so true.

I shall be glad to hear how you are going on anytime you can write me. We are getting quite at home here. I like the place and people very much. There is plenty for Christian people to do here. I've seen sin walking the streets in the persons of so many ungodly young men and women. No doubt you see much more in the great city you are living in, well we must do our very best by living a consistent life and pray for those who are near and dear to our hearts.

With best love, believe me to remain

yours sincerely

C. S. Williams