January 10th 1897

To: Lizzie Ann

From: her father Maurice Lewis

I take the pleasure of writing a few lines to you hoping that you are quite well, as this leaves me at present, and they are pretty well at home. I have just been having some tea with them, and I told them that I was going to write to you and they all send their best love to you dear Lizzie Ann.

A little of the account of last week about the prayer meetings and so on. We had a meeting on Monday night, 'Tuesday Society' on Thursday night, and a prayer meeting on Friday night. They were all very well attended and a very nice feeling pervaded the whole. The singing was going very good, and Johnny was playing the Harmonium, and he now conducts the singing meeting - and he plays today in the absence of Miss Evans. We are going to have Minister in about March, he is a young man from near Bala named Williams. Dear Lizzie Ann there is not much cheering about from Maggie Owen. Poor girl - we all hope she may regain her health again soon. We had a very grand wedding last week - Willie F……. and you know who. They are in London now.

Dear Lizzie Ann I have not much news more to tell you, only hoping that this bible saying is true ' with you the righteous shall hold on his way' - 'blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven, and my God be with you to keep you in the narrow path that leadeth unto life eternal.

So I conclude with my very dearest affection for you from your dear father

Maurice Lewis