To: Lizzie Ann

From: Mrs Williams (a family friend who ran the Post office in Machynlleth with her husband, they then moved to Aberystwyth)

December 30 1896

My dear Lizzie Ann

How are you this long time? I have been going to write to you so many times, but have put it off until a more convenient season time after time. However I feel you must have a letter even if it be a short one with the promise of a longer one when I receive an answer to this. I was so pleased to hear from Mrs Foulkes-Jones that you have met with another good situation and that you are happy and prospering. How good God has been to you to lead and help you in so many ways. I am sure you do acknowledge him in your ways and you know he has promised to direct your paths - I want to wish you now a very happy and prosperous New Year and to do so very happily too. I hope in every way it will be better than any you have spent before, and that you will be made a blessing to others wherever you go. We shall be very glad to how you are going on and when you write home please remember me very kindly to them one and all. I hope your brother has commenced the Christian's life in real earnest, and he will keep looking unto Jesus who alone can impart strength and courage to battle against all the powers of darkness.

I am please to tell you that we like Aberystwyth very much and are very happy here, settled in a new house - a small one. It is not papered yet, but we do not mind this so long as it is dry and comfortable.

With kind love, your very sincerely

C. Williams