To: Lizzie Ann

From: Her brother (Johnny Lewis)

(Undated, but prob May/June 1913)


Dear Sister

I was very pleased to hear from you and I am hoping very much that you and the children and David are keeping pretty fair. Well am glad to tell you that I feel a little better these last days, if I shall continue, I'm taking Maltine and cod liver oil and I'm thinking that's just the thing required, as since I have been taking it I feel a little improvement. The weather is so bad here - fogs, rain, wind etc. There isn't much chance that ……..[?] for me, I always feel a little better when the sun shines and is a little rain.

Well I might tell you that the church which I attend has offered to send me to a convalescent home at Broadstairs when I am on the mending side. They are very good, they allow me a pint of milk everyday. The difficulty is you have to pay your own fare, of course they get you a cheap ticket, but when you get there everything is free and you have the best of everything.

We'll close now with best love.

From J, M, and L.F.