To: Lizzie Ann

From: Her brother (Johnny Lewis)

Saturday (Date must be before June 1913, as a letter dated 1st June 1913 from Maurice to Lizzie Ann states that Johnny has come home from Broadstairs not much better.)


Dear Sister

I have been expecting a word from you. I hope you are all fairly well. I was sorry to hear of Mr J. Hughes being ill, am glad to tell you that I am getting better slowly. I had arranged to go to Broadstairs next Thursday, thinking all the time that 'M' was keeping the fare for me on the quiet as she was so anxious for me to go, knowing very well I haven't got it. But last night I learnt a very different thing to that and in a very hard manner, so it's knocked on the head. If I could get there, then there is everything you that you want, all free, but it is not my luck what I can see of it. Excuse these few lines, I left it rather late. Hope to hear soon. Had a letter from home this morning, am just sending a letter back now, sorry to hear about J.F. Jones.

Best love to all.