To: Lizzie Ann

From: Maurice Lewis (Lizzie Ann's Father)

March 16th 1913

Dear Lizzie Ann, David and all the children Hoping that you are all pretty well as it leaves us at present. We had a letter from Johnny today and he is a little better. The Doctor said he must go to a convalescent home for a week or two to Margate. He is to see the Doctor on Tuesday for examination. We have our Sunday school anniversary today. A lot of little children repeated the 23 Psalm which was very sweet to my taste and all repetitions and singing is very good. Alun has been in the meetings tonight. We have Solo & Duet and anthem, and Mr Davies giving a short sermon so you see that our privileges are great.

Hoping that you dear are able to have some means this day, God grant it. The Calvinistic Association is next week in Maengwyn.

We had a great storm here last night from 11 to 12 o' clock. Perhaps you have had it by now. So I have no more to tell you at present.

With our very best love to all.

From Father, Mother, Sister & son.