To: Lizzie Ann

From: Her father (Maurice Lewis)

July 28th (No year given. Prob 1907, as Enid born July 22nd 1907 after Glyn)

Dear Frances, Lizzie Ann, David, JM, Lona, Davy, Glyn & baby

As numbers and names are increasing we now take the pleasure of writing these few lines to you hoping that you are all pretty well, your face is better and Lizzie Ann and baby coming on pretty well. One poet has said of his deliverance - 'I will boast till all that are oppressed from my example comfort take and charm their griefs to rest'. Mamma is pretty well today. Lydia is having tea with her now.

We had a short letter from Johnny. They are both very well. Frances you know Mrs Edgerton Williams's little girl - she died last Thursday morning in going under an operation in Manchester. Our Sunday school is sending a wreath with her brother. Poor Mrs Williams. Mr Fr. Davies spoke about it in school.

The school no. 75. You saw in the paper of that accident by Montgomery. We see that the call comes slow and sure - be ye also ready for in an hour that ye think not of, the son of man cometh. So I have not much more to say now.

With our very love to all.

From Father & Mother M & E Lewis

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