To: Frances Lewis

From: John Richards 15 Athelston Road Towyn

13 September 1905

Dear Miss Lewis

I am writing to ask you a favour. The Male Voice party of Towyn are going to have a Concert on Friday November 3rd and they have asked me to write to you to ask if you will kindly come here to sing for us. I don't know what you'll think of us if we ask you to come for expenses only. In fact I feel myself very cheeky to do so, but we are rather low financially and I told our fellows here so. But at the same time I said that I would ask you. Perhaps you might do for my sake.

Excuse me closing so. We shall make you as comfortable as we can if you'll consent to come, and please give our best regards to your Father and Mother and accept the same yourself.

From your cheeky old lodger

John Richards

I shall be obliged if you will let me know by next Sunday.