To: Lizzie Ann, David, JM & Lona, little David & Frances

From: Maurice Lewis (her father)

Sunday July 31st 1904

Dear Lizzie Ann, David, JM, Lona, Little David & Frances

We now take the pleasure of writing these few lines to you hoping that you are all pretty well as we are both pretty well today. Dear Frances there shall be one of us or someone at the station to take your hat box, or if you see Mr. Owen or the foreman porter they will keep them right safe. I don't know about myself if I can be there. The Ferndale Band is keeping a concert in the Town Hall on Monday night, that is tonight, and the Band is stopping at the Wynnstay. I may be too busy to meet you. Hope you will have a safe journey and enjoy your day at Aberystwith. School 83. Our preacher today is Mr Davies (Pastor), text 21st chapter Revelations, First verse.

Demetrius Owen is enquiring very much when you are coming back. Fr. Bagley[?] went this morning with the Volunteers to Salisbury Plain and he is not returning. He is going to a new place in London but he will write us. A very poorly attended concert on last Thursday night by the Wesleyans. Our Chapel rather empty this morning, many gone away. Only Maggie Owen as Soprano. Jenkins all gone away. Dear Lizzie Ann I have nothing much to tell you this time. Tell JM & Lona to be very good children and to help you to nurse the baby as much as possible.

May God bless you, Amen. Best love to David. So no more at present from

Father, Mother, M & E Lewis.

Children X X