To: Lizzie Ann, David and children

From: Maurice Lewis (her father)

Tuesday September 9th 1903

Dear Lizzie Ann, David, JM, Lona and Frances

We now take the pleasure of writing these few lines to you, hoping that they will find all quite well, as it leaves us both at present. Hoping that Frances's pain is much better by now. We were sorry to see that you had such great pain but we hope that it will not come back again.

We had an enormous great flood here last night. It carried the corn and hay away that was in the valley. Also at Dolgelly the water was about five feet deep in the streets. It carried a part of the old bridge away. The people had to go upstairs until it went down.

Poor Mr John Pugh [?] died on Monday. Also Matilda Jones from the Alms Houses died today. We think that Mr Howells will be our Minister. He was in the prayer meeting on Tuesday night and it was a very good meeting, well attended, and I think he spoke and gave a hint to that effect.

Dear Frances have you bought a flannel vest for yourself to change? If not you had better buy one. Enclosed you something towards it. Jim Reese is very good coming to see me. I think he would like to have a word from you. He is very much better, he was with his sisters at Devils Bridge on Monday. George and Mrs Caffery are remembering to you very much. Morris Hughes has come home.

So we conclude with our very best love to you and tell the children about Taid and Nain. May the Lord be with you all - amen. Very best love to David.

From Father, Mother - M & E Lewis

Write soon