To: Lizzie Ann and David From: Maurice Lewis (her father)

5th July 1903

Dear Lizzie Ann and David

We take the pleasure of writing these few lines to you, hoping that you are all quite well, as we are all pretty well.

It's sultry here today. We are having a very pleasant Sunday. W.S. Jones preached this morning. Text was Romans, chapter 3, verse 28. Tonight Mr Williams is preaching his last sermon as Pastor. We are also singing an anthem 'to rest in the Lord' to please him before he goes away. On Tuesday night at 7.30 there is a presentation of money to be given to him as a token of our respect.

Young Gitto the [……..?] was buried yesterday, that is the oldest son of Griffith Griffiths. You knew him very well. Also poor Joe the Rock (Joseph Davies) you know him - he died on Friday morning after a long illness. Gitto Griffiths was out appearing to be quite well a week last Saturday so he was called away very sudden.

Dear children, life is uncertain, it is a very wise thing to make ready before the stroke arrives. May we through the grace of God be made ready so that when it comes we may go sweeping through the gates washed in the blood of the lamb. Dear Lizzie Ann you are well acquainted with the old hymn. Our school - no. 94 - very pleasant. Well I have no more news at present to tell you - see it's a mixture of some joy and some sorrow.

May God bless you all amen. So we conclude with our very best love to you all. Glad to have the postcard.

From Father & Mother & Sister

M & E & F Lewis and children.