To: Lizzie Ann, David, JM & Lona

From: Maurice Lewis (Lizzie Ann’s father)

April 26th 1903

Dear Lizzie Ann, David, JM & Lona

We now take the pleasure of writing these few lines to you hoping that they find you all quite well as we are pretty well. Mamma’s cold is better. Myself and Frances are quite well. Sorry that your parcel came so broken. I have spoken to the Post Office officials about it. Hoping that they will be more careful next time. I went to Mrs Edwards (Saddlers) on the day of the funeral, just at the time when the funeral was taking place to try to console Mrs Edwards. Poor thing, it was a very heavy hour at the time. T??? came to me after he came home, to thank me for my kind visit at that very hour.

We are having a very nice Sunday. Mr John Griffith Jones is our preacher. Revelation, 21st chapter, 10th verse. He spoke much about the new Jerusalem coming down, which would mean the Church and religion to men. Our Sunday School no. 100. Rich. Jones (Bookseller) is our Superintendent now and David Owen (Ivy House) Secretary. Poor Mr Rich. Ellis (Grocer) is dead. Buried tomorrow. Poor old Nain was hobbling along to Maengwyn Chapel quite sharp.

So I have not much more to tell you this time. Hoping that you are able to have some comfort and joy this day. Tell the dear children about us. Give our very best love to David. May the blessing of God be with you all. Amen. So I conclude with our very best love to you all from Father, Mother and Frances.

Children X X X