To: Dear Wife, Lizzie Ann, David, JM & Lona

From: Maurice Lewis (Lizzie Ann’s father)

January 25th 1903

Dear Wife, Lizzie Ann, David, JM & Lona

We now take the pleasure of writing these few lines to you hoping that dear Lizzie Ann is much better and that you all are pretty well, as it leaves Frances and myself quite well. Frances is better in health now than I have seen her for a long time. Hoping that she will continue so and she is keeping house very well indeed. We enjoyed our tea together very much in a quiet way. Mr Shah just come in to keep her company and then I went to make my letter. It’s very stormy here today. High wind, no rain.

There is a very deep feeling of grief and sorrow after dear George Owen. We had a prayer meeting this morning. Mr Rowlands, Ed. Edwards and someone else engaged. It was a blessed meeting. Such stillness prevailed over it. Our Sunday school no. 73. I was teaching Mr V. Owen’s class and I had a blessed time of it and they wished to go again. So you see that I am of some consequence somewhere. We expect to have a good meeting tonight. Perhaps the presence of the Lord may be present to heal. Preacher – Mr Owen (Cwm Rhaiadr) ‘remember all for in the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion in the secret of his Tabernacle shall he hide me. He shall set me upon a rock, therefore we are to offer in his sake scriptures of joy. Yeah we are to sing praises to his name and to pray unto God to help us all to do this’ Amen.

We have not much news to tell more. Hoping to hear from you very soon. Tell John Morris & Lona about Taid & Frances. So we conclude with very best love to you all. Remember us both very much to David.

For the children X X

From Father and daughter

M & Fr