To: Lizzie Ann Hughes

From: Maurice Lewis (her father)

January 9th 1903

Dear Lizzie Ann

As I promised to give you a little of last Sunday morning’s sermon – 13 chapter Hebrews, 8 verse: Jesus Christ yesterday, today and forever. The opening of the New Year, no doubt we have had some hard searchings, what have been the result of all the attendance at the means of Grace. There are some who were halting last year this new year has found them still the same.

Many mighty men have fallen during the last year, that is in the religious world. Readers of ‘Christian Thoughts’ (Dr Newman Hall) wrote Come to Jesus, which had 4 million in circulation, Dr Davidson – not much of a preacher, but he created scholars. Professor Douglas Hugh Price Hughes – he had a mission to the outcasts. Dr Parker, filled with spirit of God. Pollington Church of England – Dr Stephenson. Primate Dr Temple wielded great power over the masses, and after all these losses we may feel disheartened. Also Wm. Chillie and John Kensit who [were] murdered for the word of the Lord's sake, and all these have passed away to be at rest with their Lord.

Excuse me dear, the time is gone. I will write you another before long. We are all pretty well at home. Just been there reading your letter which I enjoyed very much. Best love to David and dear little children. Have enjoyed the meetings very much this week. May God bless you all.

From dear Father.