To: Lizzie Ann, David, JM & Lona

From: Maurice Lewis (Lizzie Ann's father)

December 21st 1902

Dear Lizzie Ann, David, JM & Lona

We take the pleasure of writing these few lines to you hoping that you are all pretty well as we are all at present. It's a very fine Sunday and we are having a very happy Sunday. We have a very good preacher, Rev. Ernest Jones of Barmouth. His text was Matthew, 11th chapter, 3 last verses, about being heavy laden. He said Christ was the burden bearer. He said very many things, I wrote the sermon just all and looking over it, it's a very good sermon.

Our School was 89 in number. We are having next Sunday a kind of school meeting on the last Sunday of this year, with singing, speeches, and an address by George Owen on Roman Catholicism. So you see dear that if the Lord spares we shall enjoy ourselves. Hope that you will be able to spend a very happy Christmas. I will give as much account as I can of it. It will be something to cheer you up. There is nothing special to mention this time.

Dear Lizzie Ann wishing you all a very happy Christmas. May God be with you and that you will be pretty comfortable in your home. Give very best love and greetings to David and dear children.

From dear Parents

X X X dear children