To: Lizzie Ann, David, Frances, JM & Lona

From: Maurice Lewis (Lizzie Ann’s father)

October 5th 1902

Dear Lizzie Ann, David, Frances, JM & Lona

We now take the pleasure of writing these few lines to you hoping that they will find you all pretty well and dear Lizzie Ann we hope that you are much better. We think much about you and I myself think very much about you every day, and I look up and say if it is thy will that she may recover, and that I am sure that Lizzie Ann will praise thy name much, bless the Lord, O my soul. May we all join in doing this. You read the text this morning, Lamentations, 3rd chapter, 22,23, & 24th verses and also read on blessed verses.

Dear Frances, the school was 79 in number. Mr Philip Jones is doing your work at a quarter past one with Miss Rowlands. Mr John Griffith Jones is our Preacher and he pleased me very well. David Arter was at home, remembering to you very much. Harvest Thanksgiving tomorrow at 2.30 and 7.30 in the new schoolroom.

So we have no more to tell you at present. Dear JM & Lona, tell them about Taid and Nain. I often think about Lona’s Motto Book, and JM with his hands in his pocket, so manly. May God bless you all, and Frances I hope that you are doing services to help Lizzie Ann. Very best love to David and to all.

From Father, Mother. Children XX