Sunday 29 June 1902

To: Lizzie Ann and her husband David

From: her father, Maurice Lewis Dear Lizzie Ann, David, JM and Lona

We take the pleasure of writing these few lines to you, hoping that they will find you all quite well as it leaves us at present. It is very hot here today. I think we are going to have a storm of thunder. Our school was 89 in number. The preacher is a young man from College - a Mr Miles - very intelligent. He spoke to the children - the subject was candles and their uses, it was something to call the attention of the children, that is that they could give light in a spiritual sense like a candle.

There was a sad affair here last week. 5 young men out on Monday night to poach for salmon in the Fir Tree pool, and it is very deep.

The names were Hugh Williams, Hugh Arthur, Lloyd Roberts, Dick Griffiths, David Francis. So it appears that there must be a naked man to run the net around and that was David Francis, and poor fellow he sank and did not appear and they all left him. And as he did not come home on Tuesday they began to search for him, and these men never told anyone that he was drowned, (in fact there was some of these young men with the search party, in the very spot where he was lying), until they were compelled on Thursday to do so. The jury were very kind to these young men. They were let free.

So you see dear children that poor Ed. Francis and his wife have had a very great sorrow. These young men were very wicked, the sooner the better they seek for repentance.

So no more at present.

from dear Father, Mother and Frances