To: Lizzie Ann Lewis

From: Maurice Lewis - her father

January 19th 1902

Dear Lizzie Ann, David and the dear children

We now take the pleasure of writing these few lines to you, hoping that you are all quite well as it leaves us at present. Mamma is pretty well and Frances is very well. We have much to be thankful for, this good health we all enjoy.

Dear Lizzie Ann our preacher today is Rev. Elias Jones - Newtown. The text was first Epistle of John, 3rd chapter, first verse and it was a very good sermon, a good congregation. Our Sunday school was 92 in number. We had a very sad thing to happen in our Town last week. One of the little boys of the Vaughans was burnt to death. He went to reach a saucepan off the fire and he fell on his hands and chest fearful, and he was taken to the Hospital but he died from the effects on Saturday. Friday night this took place.

Tonight there is a company of strangers keeping a sacred concert in the Hall and Frances is singing there. Also Mr Turner - you know who I mean - has arrived home from South Africa, and he is in Machynlleth for a short time and this makes Mamma rather busy. He is at home nearly all day. He is a very pleasant young man and highly respectable. We are sorry that at home they have not had time to write to you, but will in a day or two.

Dear Lizzie Ann and David we have no more to tell you at present, may God bless and be with you all - amen. Dear JM and Lona - do say about us to the dear little children.

Our dearest love to all.

M & E Lewis