To: Lizzie Ann, David, Frances, JM & Maglona

From: Maurice Lewis (her father)

July 21 1901

Dear Lizzie Ann, David, Frances, JM & Maglona

Just a line to you hoping you are all quite well, also hoping that JM is better by now, as we are all pretty well considering that the weather has been so very hot, but it is cooler today. We are having a very nice Sunday. Mr Davies Berriew is the preacher. The text was St John, 4th chapter, 53rd verse - 'and himself believed and his whole house', and we had a sermon which was very sweet to our taste and hoping that you are enjoying the means of grace and the reading of the word.

Mamma is going to Chapel tonight so you see that we are making a move. I am hoping that Frances is nursing very well for you and doing every thing she can to help you dear Lizzie Ann, and also to make David very happy and that you are what I would call a happy family. Remember me to J.M. dear little boy, and may God bless you every one and his mercy and love overshadowing you every one.

Those few lines from your dear Parents M & E Lewis.

Some kisses for JM and Maglona X X X X