To: Lizzie Ann, David, Frances, JM & Maglona

From: Maurice Lewis (her father) June 16 1901

Dear Lizzie Ann, David, Frances, JM & Maglona

We now take the pleasure of writing these few lines to you hoping that you are all quite well as we are both at present. Glad to hear that JM as got quite well. Tell him about Dada and Nain. I feel the loss of him on Sunday to go for our little walk.

Dear Lizzie Ann, Rich. Hunt as been here on Saturday. He looks very well and wished to be remembered to you very much, and was quite surprised that Johnny was in London and that also knows the foreman very well, and that he would be sure to go and see Johnny. When you write to Johnny tell him that Rich. Hunt will come and see for him. Also Tudor Owen as been seeing for us. Rich Morris's funeral was on Friday. It was a very large one. Dear Frances, we hope that you are pretty well and when Lizzie Ann can manage pretty well you can come home. I enclose a letter from Mary Hughes …….[?] you can write to her.

Dear Lizzie Ann our preacher today is Rev. Jones of Aberdovey, a new Minister, a very good one. The text was Ezekiel 27, chapter 10, first verses about the dry bones in the vision. We are spending a very happy Sunday, very quiet which I think it a very great thing and very helpful to worship God. Our privileges are very great. May God help you all and ourselves to make preparation for that day and hour of which we know not of, and his peace and love fill your hearts and minds. Our Sunday school was rather small - only 79. Louisa was not with her class today. There is a very large Preaching Association with the Independants this week so we shall have plenty of people in town.

So I have not much more news to tell you this time. May the Lord be with you all. Amen.

This is from your dear Father & Mother

M & E Lewis

Some kisses for JM & Maglona X X X X X

Give our very best love to David Hughes