To: Lizzie Ann & David

From: Maurice Lewis (her father)

April 14 1901

Dear Lizzie Ann & David

We now take the pleasure of writing these few lines to you hoping that you are all very well and David and baby. Mamma is better today and myself Frances and John M are quite well. We have had a very happy Sunday. Our preacher was Mr Green (Aberystwyth) a very good preacher. If all is well and it comes fine weather J.M. shall go to Sunday school. He will enjoy himself very much with other children.

We see the account of Mr Ryle[?] Davies death. It's in every paper. You knew him so well and I also feel very much his loss, if it only from what you and Mamma has said about him. The papers spoke very much about his good qualities.

Dear Lizzie Ann I have not much news to tell you this time. May God bless you and keep you in his love. The morning text was Job, 9th chapter, 16 verse. Evening text - Genesis, 41st chapter, 51 verse. So I have no more news to tell you this time.

From your dear Father & Mother & Frances & John Maurice.

Very best love to you all.