To: Lizzie Ann and David

From: Maurice Lewis (her father)

March 17th 1901

Dear Lizzie Ann and David

We now take the pleasure of writing these few lines to you, hoping dear that you are much better and that David and baby are quite well. Mamma's back is better, and JM, myself and Frances are quite well.

We were very glad to hear in the letter that you were better, hoping that your health is improving every day, and that we have great cause to be thankful to our Heavenly Father for all this. The promise is I will never leave thee nor forsake, the fire shall not hurt nor the waters overflow them that trust in him. May this be your happy experience every day. Make haste to come and see us. You know how much welcome you shall have.

John Maurice is getting on very well. I spoke to Mrs Foulkes Jones the other day and she felt very much that your health was not very good, and wanted to be remembered to you very much. Tell David that I met Mr D. Jones out, and shook hands with him. He is very much cut down and gone very thin. Miss Jones Tower House comes to see for JM very often. Tell David that his father comes very often for JM to take him out to their house and for walks.

Our preacher is Mr Williams of Pennal - a new Minister. The text this morning was gospel of St. John 4 Chapter 53 Verse. We had a very pleasant meeting on Thursday night, christening Mr Williams baby. The Minister was also reading the yearly accounts, also making a presentation to Mr Phillip Jones and Mrs Jones. It was a beautiful clock and biscuit tin and two other things for the mantel piece.

Excuse my short letter, with our very best love to you all.

from Father, Mother, Frances and JM.

We had a letter from Johnny he is alright.