Sunday 23 September 1900

To: Lizzie Ann and her husband David

From: her father Maurice Lewis

Dear Lizzie Ann, David and baby

I now take the pleasure of writing these lines to you hoping that you are quite well as we are all pretty well at present.

Mamma is complaining of rheumatism rather bad, but it is the weather. You must excuse us being so long writing but Frances has been to Liverpool with the Graig choir, but they were not successful. She was in Liverpool from Tuesday night until Saturday morning. She was entertained by Tommy Jones, you know our old friend Thos. Jones son, they have only one child so she had a very nice place to stop at. Mamma and Frances will write to you again soon. Frances has been singing in the Town Hall this afternoon, in a quartet before Lady Londonderry. It was a quarterly meeting of giving prizes. Frances was asked to go by Ed. Edwards and Davies Glyndwr, so you see that she is getting rather popular. Dear Lizzie Ann excuse my pen. I hope that you are very comfortable in your new house. We are anxious to know how is Johnny getting on? He has not written yet. When you write to him tell him that we send our very best love to him, hoping that he is getting on very well.

Let us know where do you go to what Chapel. Write soon, may God be with you all. So we have no more news to tell you now.

This is from your dear father and mother and sister

M, E. & Fr. Lewis