To: Elizabeth Ann Hughes

From: Maurice Lewis - her father

Feb 11th 1900

Dear Lizzie Ann,

I take the pleasure of writing these few lines to you, hoping that you are much better, as we are glad today that we are all much better. We hope that baby is much better, and hoping that David is keeping right well. He is sure to be very busy in attending to you all.

All send best love to Mary, hoping that she is quite well. Also give our very best love to Johnny. We hope he is quite well, and they will write to him in a day or two. Dear Lizzie Ann if you have been as bad as I was, I can fully sympathise with you, and I hope that you are recovering. I am sure you must feel weak. How is your appetite? Can you eat? It was very awkward with me - I could not drink tea, but I am glad to tell you that my appetite has returned very well now, so you see dear Lizzie Ann that we all have much cause to be thankful to our heavenly father for his great care and mercy towards us. Make haste to come and see for us, and that you may become strong again.

I saw Mr Hughes today. They are quite well and remembering to you all. We are spending a very happy Sunday. It is very slippery on the streets here today and a good deal of snow. So dear Lizzie Ann I have not much news to tell you this time. May God bless you all and keep in his love and knowledge through Jesus Christ our Lord amen.

From your dear Father, Mother and Sister - M & E and Fr Lewis

1). Inside letter was a note written in pencil on a piece of scrap paper -

Mr Ed Rees - Chemist, was coming from Anglesea on Saturday, and Evan Roberts was in the same train, going to see Lloyd George at Cricieth. Mr Rees said that he never saw so many people on every station waiting to see Evan Roberts - he must be a chosen vessel with some new message for Wales. Praise the Lord.