Dyfi nr Machynlleth(click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

Dyfi nr Machynlleth The confluence of the South Dulas and the Dyfi.
Dyfi nr Machynlleth The confluence of the North Dulas and the Dyfi, with Bryn Coch in the background.
Dyfi nr Machynlleth Looking upriver from Pont Mileniwm, towards the confluence with the N. Dulas.
Bridge Flats Looking upriver toward Pont Mileniwm, from Bridge Flats.
Dyfi nr Machynlleth Downriver, towards Dyfi Bridge, from just below Pont Mileniwm.
Downriver side of Dyfi Bridge.
Downriver from Dyfi Bridge - a fishing run known as "Ash Tree", but the ash tree is long gone, probably swept away by one of Dyfi's mighty winter floods.
The fishing spot known as Llyn Penddôl, near Dolgelynen. At this point the river rushes through a narrow channel at a very tight bend, and there's much evidence of bank erosion.
Llyn Morgan is to the left of the picture, as the river wends its way towards Llyn Dolgelynen. Previous courses of the river bed can be made out from channels in the water-meadows, and it's very prone to flooding at this point.
As the river leaves Llyn Dolgelynen, it passes Murphy's Hole and continues via Upper Rhiwlas towards Derwenlas.

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