Books on Machynlleth and Area

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Poetry & Music

http://www.aspect98.freeserve.co.uk/poetry/mach_writers_group.htm   Don't know anything about them at all, but it seems like a group of local poets has placed some of their work on the Web.

Machynlleth-based "geologist, mineralogist, web designer and writer" (according to his CV) John S. Mason had a web site containing some of his poetry, but it has vanished. I rather liked the line "Over Glaslyn and Bugeilyn who cannot be reborn?"

"Blodau Glyn Dyfi", is a book of poems by Lewis Meredith (Lweis Glyn Dyfi), dateline Cemmaes, 1852. One piece, entitled Dyffryn Dyfi, starts "Heddychol ddyffryn tlws" or "Peaceful, pretty vale". Lewis Meredith also wrote:

"Whilst fair Machynlleth decks thy quiet plain
Conjoined with it shall Lawdden's name remain."

"The Men of Dyfi's Entertainment" was apparently a harp duet, mentioned in a book entitled "Glasynys" by O. W. Jones, 1828-1870, translated from Welsh by D. M. LLoyd. I wonder if this music still exists?

There's a harp solo entitled "Machynlleth" in a book called "Music for the Heather Folk", by Sue Richards - and I know nothing more about it than this, I'm afraid.

It is reported somewhere on the Web that in 1781 there was a song listed with the title "The Delight of the Men of Dovey", but it seems there's disagreement over where this came from originally, and some say that it is based upon an Irish tune, "Dear Catholic Brother"!