Llyfnant Valley, Cwm Einion, and the Lost Road (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

Llyfnant Valley  The Llyfnant Valley is still better known in its Anglicised form, rather than as Cwm Llyfnant, because it became a popular tourist destination during Victorian times. These days this beautiful side valley is largely ignored by the tourists, but it's well worth exploring, probably best on foot or bicycle, as the gated road is very narrow. 40 years ago, when eating out was unusual in this area, the house at Glaspwll used to do ham 'n' eggs - whatever happened to ham 'n' eggs?
Old Road The lost road from Glaspwll to Ponterwyd climbes up through Cwm Castell, and crosses the stream at this bridge. Photo by Nick Fenwick.
Old Road The bridge has been reconstructed at some time using railway sleepers and rails, but the width of the track (carved out of the rock in places) and the bridge itself indicates that it was designed for horses rather than for wheeled vehicles. Photo by Nick Fenwick.
Old Road The road plunges through dense forest at this stage before breaking out into open land. Photo by Nick Fenwick.
Old Road The remnants of the old road above Cefn Coch farm. Photo by Nick Fenwick.
gwaun bwll Beyond Cefn Coch, and back in the forest, are the ruins of Gwaun Bwll, called "Gweunbwll" on the 1900-04 map, and "Wayn Bull" on the old 1829 map. Photo by Lynn Sloman.
hendy Further along, close to Llyn Conach, are the probable ruins of Hendy. Photo by Lynn Sloman.

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