Anglers' Retreat.

Anglers' Retreat was built by the once-mighty Pryse family of Gogerddan, and came into the hands of a Capt Briggs, who had married one of the Gogerddan daughters. One account I've read tells of how the family hosted summer fishing parties there for their well-to-do acquaintances, including the then owner of the Haig Whisky Distillery (a useful contact). The account goes on to say that they employed three maids and a chauffeur at the house. The death of Capt Briggs brought about the end of this lifestyle, and ultimately the house was abandoned to become a ruin. A new house was built in latter years, but it was burnt down, and now only a small wooden cabin stands on the site. Fishing still takes place on most of the lakes, which are owned, stocked and maintained by the Talybont Angling Association.