St. Cydfarch

St. Cydfarch's Church occupies an ancient church site. There's a detailed account plus a picture at: pic

Nearby is St. Cydfarch's Well, which has been renovated by Machynlleth Civic Society in recent years, and is reputed to have healing properties.

St. Egoes?

There's a legend about a Celtic saint or chieftain going by the name of Egoes, whose head was buried under oak trees near the church, and woe betide anyone who tries to dig it up. This sounds like good stuff, but I can't find out anything more about him!

Richard Wilson

Famous painter Richard Wilson was born at the Rectory here in 1713, where his father was Rector.

The Tate Gallery site - - depicts many of his works, and especially Llyn-y-Cae, on Cader Idris. More at:  Washington NationalGallery of Art.

A Painting of Penegoes

Although Richard Wilson came from Penegoes, it doesn't seem as if he hung around there long enough to produce a painting of his village. However, about 75 years after Wilson's death, John Joseph Hughes produced an oil painting entitled "Penegoes, Wales", depicting a woman on a footbridge crossing what must be the Crewi. A web site at: offered it for sale in March 2002 for $8500, and included some very short notes on JJ, stating that very little is known of his life, except that he was a painter of landscapes and exhibited frequently. He was a member of the Royal Society of British Artists, Suffolk Street, and exhibited 22 works there, including views in North Wales and the Midlands. Ten other works were exhibited at the British Institution 1859-1867, including “Lakeland Scene.” Four other works of his were exhibited at the Royal Academy 1855-1865 including views in Warwickshire, Borrowdale and Dolgelly. Fl. 1838-1867 d.c. 1909 Medium: oil on canvas, signed lower left Date: c.1855 Dimensions: 28” x 38”.