Wtra'r Beddau and Esgairweddan

The road between Cwrt and Pennal has the name Wtra'r Beddau (Lane of Graves), and tradition has it that it was originally paved by the gravestones of soldiers who died at one of the battles fought during the Wars of the Roses. Some Welshmen supported the Yorkists and some the Lancastrians, and they met here to fight under Thomas ap Nicholas (Sir Thomas Nicholas?), a Lancastrian, and Harri ap Gwilym, a Yorkist. Thomas won the day and Harri ap Gwilym was killed. He is said to be buried nearby at the entrance to Esgairweddan, and in a field nearby there's a Dolmen (see my notes on Pennal) that was raised over the fallen. (OK, so the Dolmen might be a Llys from another time altogether, but it's a nice story, you must admit.)