Dylife Area (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

pennant valley The dramatic Pennant Valley, cut by the River Twymyn, seen from the roadside near Dylife. According to a notice nearby: "This dramatic ravine was created by the action of first ice and then water. Before the last Ice Age, the river Twymyn did not flow through this valley but instead followed a course from east to west. When the ice came, the valley was filled by a glacier flowing northwards down the side of the hill. This river of ice ground out the earth to form a U-shaped glaciated valley. When the glacier melted the Twymyn started to run down the wide channel left behind. The fast flowing river further eroded the valley, cutting the V-shaped gorge seen today. This V-shaped channel is typical of the valleys cut by young, fast-flowing streams."
More to come when I have time.

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