The Dyfi Valley

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        The Dyfi Valley assumes a role far greater than its short length might suggest, and is widely accepted as being the natural border between North and South Wales. The road system on the Western side of Wales forces the North-South traveller to cross the Dyfi at some point, and one of the main routes into Wales from the English Midlands follows the valley for some distance, at the end of which there are the popular seaside resort villages of Aberdyfi, Ynyslas and Borth. The scenery is terrific, and of course there's the jewel in the crown, Machynlleth, but perhaps I'm just a bit biased. There's a great deal of history to the valley, stretching way back beyond Owain Glyndwr to Maelgwn Gwynedd, to Taliesin and Arthur, to the Romans, and into a timeless period when people lived alongside the Tylwyth Teg, did magical things, vanquished monsters and even lost an entire land to the sea. So, come on in - take a look at the area in more detail, see what it's like today, what happened just yesterday, and go back into the dim and distant past...

       The valley is, unsurprisingly, full of history, myths and legends, and sometimes it's difficult to tell fact from fantasy. The relatively recent historical facts of the Machynlleth area were well documented by local author, the late David Wyn Davies, but the pre-history and legends of the valley don't seem to have been brought together by anyone. So my notes are merely intended as a taster, with scant details and links to Web Sites which contain far more information - and it's up to you whether you prefer flowery words woven into mystical tales of wonder, or bald facts which debunk the legends and inevitably leave you feeling disappointed!

satellite pic oldmap
Satellite image of the Dyfi Valley. Mid-1600s Saxton Map of the Dyfi Valley.
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