Dinas Mawddwy (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

dinas1 The main street of Dinas Mawddwy, on a busy day. The famous Llew Coch (Red Lion) is on the left.
dinas2 Street called Wyle Cop. Apparently 'Wyle' comes from an old Welsh word meaning the way or the road, and 'Cop' is a Saxon word meaning the top or the head. Therefore Wyle Cop means the 'road to the top'. It leads to Cwm Cerist and then on over Bwlch Oerddrws to Cross Foxes, with Coed Foeldinas (Dinas Hill Woods) behind.
dinas3 Road leading down to Dinas Mawddwy from the main road, looking upriver along the Dyfi Valley.
Foel Benddin Looking up the valley towards Dinas, with Foel Benddin in the centre background. Dinas is tucked away under the wooded hill on the left

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