Dyfi Bridge (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

Dyfi Bridge Dyfi Bridge Dyfi Bridge
Pont a'r Dyfi (Dovey Bridge): this version was built in 1805, and is showing evidence of more than one attempt to patch it up. This is the first road crossing point of the Dyfi above its estuary. Although it's only about a mile across the estuary from Aberdyfi to Ynyslas, it takes a round trip of about 23 miles to get from one to the other. There used to be a ferry - the old maps show it existing - and there was even talk of an estuary bridge years ago, but somehow nothing ever came of the idea, so Machynlleth gets all the North-South coastal through traffic as a result. Most years, during one of Machynlleth's rare wet periods (joke) the Dyfi bursts its banks and fills the flood plain, causing traffic chaos for a few days. I'm not a fisherman, but the river apparently has a good reputation, and some of the Web Sites I've linked give you more info.

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