Borth - or is it Y Cantre'r Gwaelod?(click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

borth Some photographs of the remnants of the ancient forest, visible at low tide beyond Borth beach. I very carefully arranged to visit at the lowest tide of the summer of 2005, only to be told by a local RNLI man that I really needed to visit in winter after a storm because in the summer the forest is largely covered by sand. Nevertheless, it's impressive, even in its semi-hidden state.
borth Most of the wood lays flat on the surface, as one might expect after 3500 or so years of being swept by the tides, but there are still some remnants of stumps of trees sticking up out of the sand, just where they grew all that time ago.
borth Another stump. Did Seithenyn climb this tree as a lad?
borth The texture of the wood is spongy, certainly not fossilised (it's old, but not that old) and, as it doesn't dry out between tides, I guess that the decomposition process can't get a hold.

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