Books on or referring to Machynlleth and the Dyfi Valley

Aberdovey Literary Institute 1882-1982, by Henry K. Birch, printed by Halls Printing & Stationery Co. Ltd. Detailed account of its long existence.

Aberdyfi: The Past Recalled, © Hugh M. Lewis MBE and Y Lolfa, 2001. Printed by Y Lolfa, ISBN 0 86243 584 6. A very readable history of Aberdyfi and the surrounding area.

Aberdyfi: Past & Present, © Hugh M. Lewis MBE and Y Lolfa, 2003. Printed by Y Lolfa, ISBN 0 86243 652 4. More on the history of Aberdyfi, with many old photographs.

Aberdyfi - Aberdovey Walks, © Aberdyfi Chamber of Trade, 2003. Printed by Pinstripe Print, Birmingham. A series of walks around the town and surrounding countryside, with notes.

Aberhosan, A Portrait, © and published 2000 by Aberhosan Local History Society; lots of old photographs and an excellent history of Aberhosan and nearby hamlet Melinbyrhedyn.

Arriving at Dinas Mawddwy by Julian Hunt, © and published 1989 by Meirion Publications, Dinas Mawddwy. ISBN 1 871974 05 4. The story of the railway at Dinas, and the industries it served.

Arthur's Camlan, © Laurence Main, published 1989 by Raymond Street, Dinas Mawddwy, printed by Artists Valley Press, ISBN 1 871974 00 3. An exploration of Arthurian connections with the Dinas Mawddwy area, with 8 walks described.

(An) Asset to Wales, © Berta Ruck, published 1970 by Hutchinson & Co, London. The second volume of her autobiography, with rather less on the area than in her first volume, but including memories of Aberdyfi, Pantlludw and Tre'r Ddôl.

Autobiographies by Rev R. S. Thomas, published by Phoenix, ISBN 0 75380 113 2.

Borth - A Seaborn Village, © Terry Davies & published by Gwasg Carreg Gwalch 2004. A history of the seafaring traditions of Borth. ISBN 0-86381-877-3

Brief Glory - the story of a quest, © D. W. Morgan, first edition 1948 published by The Brython Press, Hugh Evans & Sons Ltd. The history of the long-gone ships and ship-building on the Dyfi.

(The) Buildings of Wales: Powys, © Richard Haslam, published 1979.

Caeheulon and the Parish of Penegoes, by Wendy Morgan, © Coch-y-Bonddu Books, published 2003, ISBN 0954 2117 6 6.

Caught in the Web of Words, © Yale University, ISBN 0-300-08919-8. About 100 years ago, Dr. James Murray (who dedicated his life to producing the colossal Oxford English Dictionary) used to take his family to Borth for their annual holiday. There's a picture of him in this book, sitting astride a "great sand monster" they built on the beach at Borth.

(A) Century Break, © David Wyn Davies, published 2009 by Cambrian Printers Ltd., Aberystwyth. One hundred years of the Institute Billards and Snooker Club, Machynlleth.

Ceredigion - Interpreting an Ancient County, © J.Geraint Jenkins, published 2005 by Gwasg Garreg Gwalch. ISBN: 0-86381-961-3.

(The) Church of Llanymawddwy, © Alun Hughes, published 2001, printed by Y Lolfa, Talybont.

Circular Walks in the Dyfi Valley, © Dorothy Hamilton & Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, published 2001, ISBN 0-86381-688-6.

Coelion Cymru ("Beliefs of Wales"), by Rev Evan Isaac, published 1938 by The Cambrian News, Aberystwyth. Welsh language book of folk stories and traditions, some relating to locations in the Dyfi Valley.

(The) Corris Railway, compiled by Lewis Cozens, reprinted by the Corris Railway Society.

Dyffryn Dyfi 1939-1945 Dovey Valley © Dyfi Valley Heritage, published 2001 by the Machynlleth Tabernacl Trust, ISBN 0 9519971 4 9. A collection of personal recollections of wartime in the valley.

Dyfi Furnace by Siân E. Rees, © Cadw, pamphlet describing this old blast furnace, published 1987, ISBN 0 948329 15 7.

Dylife by Michael Brown, © Michael Brown & Y Lolfa. The industrial and social history of a famous Welsh lead mine. Published 2005, ISBN 0 86243 775 X. Excellent and deeply researched history, with old and new photographs.

Exploring Wales, by Bill Condry, published 1970, Faber and Faber.

Golf 100 - Centenary Book of Machynlleth Golf Club 2004, by David Wyn Davies, published 2003, printed by Cambrian Printers Ltd., Aberystwyth.

(The) Goodly Heritage, by David Wyn Davies, published 1988, printed by The Cambrian News, Aberystwyth. "A study of the developmenbt of religion in a Welsh town: Machynlleth".

Great Metal Mines of Wales, Number One: Dylife - West Montgomeryshire, © David E. Bick, first published 1975 by The Pound House, Newent, Glos, printed by Albert E. Smith (Printers) Ltd., Gloucester.   ISBN 0 9502040 3 X.

Great Western Corris, © Gwyn Briwnant Jones, published 1994 & 2001, printed by Gomer Press, Llandysul, Ceredigion, ISBN 1 85902 079 8. History of the narrow gauge line, with many pictures of locos, rolling stock, buildings and employees.

(A) Guide to Ancient and Historic Wales: Dyfed, by S. Rees, published 1992 by HMSO.

(A) Guide to the Dyfi Valley Way by Laurence Main, published 1996 by Western Mail & Echo, Ltd, ISBN 1 900477 00 9. This walking route takes you from Aberdyfi to Borth via the long route - 108 miles.

Heart of the Country by Jeremy Moore and William Condry, © Jeremy Moore and Penny Condry, published 2003 by Gomer Press, ISBN 1 84323 203 0. An atmospheric combination of words and photographs.

(A) History of Education in Machynlleth, © David Wyn Davies, published 1986 by the Parent Teacher Association of Machynlleth Junior School, to commemorate the centenary of undenominational education in Machynlleth.

(A) History of Scouting in Machynlleth, by Richard K. Williams, published 2018 as a very limited hard copy edition. A pdf version is available free of charge - e-mail me via the "Contact" page.

(A) History of the River Dovey, © David Wyn Davies, Machynlleth & District Civic Society/New Dovey Fishery Association (1929) Ltd. Printed by Cambrian Printers, Aberystwyth.

(The) History of Ystrad Einion Mine, by S. J. S. Hughes in the UK Journal of Mines and Minerals, 6 (1989).

(The) Holy Wells of Wales, © 1954 Francis Jones, republished 1992 by Univeristy of Wales Press, Cardiff. ISBN: 0-7083-1145-8.

Hugh Williams - the man who was Rebecca?, © David Wyn Davies 2004, published by Machynlleth & District Civic Society. Biography of Hugh Williams, Gelligoch, Machynlleth, thought to be the instigator of the South Wales Rebecca Riots.

(A) Hunting Diary, by Capt N. W. Apperley, published 1926 by Nisbet & Co Ltd, London. Detailed notes kept by what can only be termed a hunting fanatic over the years 1864-1920, who mixed with the landed gentry of the area and devoted what seems today to be almost superhuman efforts in pursuing his interest. Includes interesting scene-setting notes by his son.

In Search of Wales, by H. V. Morton, published in 1932, makes mention of the then-thriving tweed industry in Talybont - the "most idyllic factory in Wales" - and very impressed by the fact that the local stream is full of trout.

(The) Last Days of the Old Corris, © Gwyn Briwnant Jones, published 2001 by Gomer Press, ISBN 1 85902 011 9. Through a collection of old postcards, the author traces the latter days of the railway up to its final days in 1948.

Llanfihangel Genau'r Glyn, A Church History, © Randall Evans Enoch 2002, printed by Cambrian Printers, Aberystwyth. ISBN 0 900439 97 1. Detailed history of the church and wider parish, with many extracts from the minutes of Vestry meetings that also throw light on social conditions of the time.

Local Walks Around Machynlleth, © Mike Thompson, published 1995 by Kittiwake, Glantwymyn, Machynlleth, printed by Artists Valley Press.

Lumen Nobis...Ysgol Bro Dyfi, Machynlleth: a history of its development over one hundred years,  © David Wyn Davies, published 1994 by Cyfeillion Ysgol Bro Dyfi. A "comprehensive" history of Machynlleth's High School, with many photos of old pupils.

Machynlleth and the First World War 1914-1919. © 2015 David Wyn Davies and Richard Knight Williams. Published by M L Books, printed by Cambrian Printers, Aberystwyth.

Machynlleth Town Trail, © David Wyn Davies, photographs Alan H. Martin, fourth edition 1994 published by Machynlleth and District Civic Society, printed by Cambrian Printers, Aberystwyth. Walking guide to Machynlleth and its many links with history.

(A) Mach Lad - the life story of Emrys James, leading Shakespearian Actor. © 2007 David Wyn Davies. Published by the Machynlleth and District Civic Society, and printed by Cambrian Printers Ltd., Aberystwyth.

(A) Machynlleth Triad - an interesting novel by Jan Morris and Twm Morys, on Machynlleth past, present and (highly inventive) future. ISBN 0 670 85479 4. Well worth a read.

Maurice Lewis - Man of Letters. The Story of the Wynnstay's Coachman in Victorian/Edwardian Machynlleth, by David Wyn Davies, Cambrian Printers 2010.

Mid-Wales - Ceredigion & Powys Photographic Memories: The Francis Fryth Collection, by M. Freeman & J.Milnes, © & published by Frith Book Company. ISBN: 1-85937-511-1.

Narrow Gauge Railways in Mid Wales, © J.I.C. Boyd, published by Oakwood Press.

(The) Natural History of Wales, by Bill Condry, publ 1990, Bloomsbury.

Ottakar's Local History Series - Aberystwyth, © Ottakar's 2001. Published by Tempus Publishing Ltd, ISBN 0 7524 2298 7. Makes mention of the hatters of Tre'r Ddôl.

Owain Glyndwr's Way, © Richard Sale, published 1992 by Constable & Co Ltd. ISBN 0 09 471310 3. Detailed guide to a 125 mile walking route that starts at Knighton, ends at Welshpool, and takes in a section of the Dyfi Valley between Dylife and Mach, and Mach to Cemmaes Road via Abercegir.

Owen Owen Victorian Draper, by David Wyn Davies, published by Gwasg Cambria, 18-22 Queen St., Aberystwyth. ISBN 0 900439 16 5. Biography of local farmer's son who founded the Owen Owen group of department stores.

(The) Pant Glas Story, © Elma M. Williams, published 1970 by Michael Joseph Ltd. An update on her previous book, Valley of Animals, relating to her life on a smallholding near Tre'r Ddôl.

(The) Parish Church of St. Peter, Machynlleth, © David Wyn Davies. Cambrian Printers, Aberystwyth, 2012.

(A) Pictorial History of MACHYNLLETH, © David Wyn Davies, published 1996 by Machynlleth & District Civic Society, printed by Cambrian Printers, Aberystwyth. ISBN 0 900439 83 1. A large number of old photographs and interesting historical details.

Picturesque Dyfi Valley, © Gwyn Briwnant Jones, published 2002 by Gomer Press, ISBN 1 84323 053 4. A fascinating selection of old postcards of the area, complete with historical notes.

Plas Machynlleth - A History, © David Wyn Davies. Cambrian Printers, Aberystwyth, 2011.

Plas Machynlleth - A Historical Guide, © Celtica and Jarrold Publishing, text by James Barfoot, photographs by James Barfoot, Celtica/Peter Dobson and Tim Hunt, published 1997.

(The) Plynlimon and Hafan Tramway, © E A Wade, published 1997 by Twelveheads Press, ISBN 0 906 29438 X. The story of this little-known and short-lived narrow guage railway.

(A) Portrait of Machynlleth and its Surroundings by Evan Jones, “Caradawc o Lancarfan”, translated by Nicholas Fenwick, published 2009 by Coch-y-Bonddu Books. A fascinating account of the town and the surrounding area in 1854.

(The) Powys Montgomeryshire Village Book, © Powys Montgomeryshire Federation of Women's Institutes, published 1989 by Countryside Books, Newbury, and the P-MFWI Montgomery. ISBN 1 85306 053 4. A gazetteer of all of the towns and villages in Montgomeryshire.

Puppets in Wales, by Walter Wilkinson, published 1948 by Geoffrey Bles, London. A puppeteer recounts his travels through South/Mid Wales, pushing his puppet show on a barrow, reflecting a simpler way of life that has now been lost forever. One section includes Talybont to Machynlleth and Corris.

Railway through Talerddig, © Gwyn Briwnant Jones, published 1990 by Gomer Press, Llandysul, Dyfed. Detailed account of the Newtown and Machynlleth Railway.

Return to Corris, © Corris Railway Society, published 1995.

Roads and Trackways of Wales, © Richard Colyer, published 1984 by Moorland Publishing, Ashbourne, Derbyshire. ISBN 0 86190 122 3. A study of the history of the Welsh road network, including drovers' roads and turnpike roads in the Machynlleth/Dyfi Valley area.

Salmon Fishing on Small Rivers, by Charles Bingham, published 1994 by Blandford, © Blandford and Charles Bingham. ISBN 0-7137-2479-X. A book for the fishing enthusiast, but containing a short chapter on the Dyfi.

Shipbuilding and shipowning in Montgomeryshire: the Evans family of Morben Isaf, Derwenlas, by David Jenkins. Extract from The Montgomeryshire Collections, Vol 88, © and published 2000 by The Powysland Club.

Slate Quarrying at Corris, text © Alun John Richards, © and published 1994 by Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, ISBN 0 86381 279 1. An excellent book (despite its often excruciating punctuation) representing a great deal of meticulous research by a real expert. It's packed full of detail, with fascinating descriptions of the now almost extinct quarrying activities in the area, and includes a guide to the remains that can still be seen today.

Snowdonia, by Bill Condry, publ 1987, David & Charles.

Syd Thomas, by David Wyn Davies. Cambrian Printers Ltd., Aberystwyth, 2011.

(A) Tale of Two Rivers - Mawddach & Dyfi, © Jean Napier and Alun John Richards, published by Gwasg Carreg Gwalch. Just what it says on the cover, and with superb photographs. Proof reading could have been more careful, but an excellent little book, nonetheless. ISBN 0-86381-989-3.

Tales the Dyfi Tells, a collection of poems © John Roughton, published by Gwaelod, Cwm Llinau, Machynlleth. ISBN 0 9530644 0 9.

(The) Town of a Prince - A History of Machynlleth, © David Wyn Davies, maps by James Barfoot, published1991 by Machynlleth Rotary Publishing, printed by Cambrian Printers, 18-22 Queen St., Aberystwyth. ISBN 0 900439 59 9. Detailed and authoritative history of the town.

(A) Trickle of Welsh Blood, © Berta Ruck, published 1967 by Hutchinson & Co, London. An autobiography covering her days growing up in the area, with warm and quirky memories of Aberdyfi, Pantlludw, Llyn Barfog, etc., in the late 1800s.

Un Ennyd Fer (One Brief Moment), © Hefin Llwyd, printed by Wasg y Lolfa, Talybont, 1982. Welsh publication celebrating the life and work of Edward Owen Jones, pioneering Talybont photographer, who died in 1915.

Uppingham By The Sea - A Narrative of the Year at Borth, by John Huntley Skrine, 1878, reprinted 1908 & 1930. The story of how Uppingham School decanted to Borth in 1876/7 to escape a typhoid epidemic. A fascinating story and a fine piece of social history.

Valley of Animals, © Elma M. Williams, published 1963 by Hodder and Stoughton Ltd. The story of a novelist who bought a farmhouse above Tre'r Ddôl, where she lived with her beloved animals.

Walking Through Merioneth, by Hope Hewitt, published 1939(?), printed by The Welsh Outlook Press, Newtown. Another of those travel books from a time gone by, including detail on Aberdyfi, Pennal, Corris, Aberllefenni, Aberangell, Llanymawddwy and Dinas Mawddwy.

Walks in the Dyfi Valley, © David Perrott, published in 2000 by Kittiwake, Glantwymyn, Machynlleth. ISBN 1 902302 11 7.

(A) Welshman in Mesopotamia, © David Wyn Davies, published in 1986 by Gwasg Cambria for E. D. Norman. Painstakingly researched, and based upon the letters of Harold Owen Owen during his First World War service. He was the first son of Owen Owen, who founded a string of large department stores in Liverpool and London. He came through the war, but died tragically in the infamous Abermule train crash of 1921.

Wild Wales, by George Borrow, published 1972, printed by Collins. Marvellous, frequently pompous, and highly opinionated account of his long distance walk through Wales in 1854. Covers a large part of the Dyfi Valley, almost from its source to Machynlleth.

Wildlife in our Welsh Parish, by William Condry, pamphlet published 1993 and 2000.

(The) Yew Trees of Great Britain & Ireland, by John Lowe, published by MacMillan1897.