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Hi - this is, one of the websites of Richard Williams (Rich to some, Dick to others),
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owain glyndwr
The Seal of Owain Glyndwr  

The following pages are devoted to Machynlleth, in Powys (Montgomeryshire), the Dyfi Valley, and its tributaries - from the source of the river way up on Aran Fawddwy right down to the estuary at Aberdyfi and Ynyslas/Borth. I've been researching and re-visiting locations regularly since the summer of 2000 and still occasionally have the chance to assemble new sections as I discover more about the area - I hope it meets with your approval.

I grew up in Mach, and retain a great fondness for this fine old town. I've tried to present an impression of both the town and the Dyfi Valley through words, pictures and links to other sites relating to the area - so take a look and let me know what you think. I've been tempted by Web technology for the sake of it (and because it's fun to play with), but come to the decision that people soon tire of gimmicks, so instead I try to concentrate on content.

The site has become complex and I have to admit that the many links and buttons I've provided are more suited to leisurely browsing than rapid location of logically-ordered facts. In addition to the comprehensive index, I always highlight (below) the half dozen or so most recent updates and you can go directly to them by clicking on the hyperlinks. However, although this is an easy way to find the new stuff, please be aware that by doing this frames will not necessarily open in the way I've intended.

The site has now been re-hosted and internal links all checked. Some external links are out of date, and this will take time to rectify. The original website, is still out there, floating in cyberspace, and seemingly impossible to take down.

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New! 4 Feb 2014 Update to Plas Morben/Morben Hall.
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